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what are some renewable energy resources?

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what are some renewable energy resources

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q: what are some renewable energy resources ?
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what are 4 renewable resources?

renewable resources are resources that can be replenished over time. some examples include solar energy, wind energy, biofuel, and geothermal energy.

what is renewable resources of energy?

renewable resources of energy are resources of energy that we will never run out of because eg they can be recycled or come from a material that we will always have. renewable resources of energy is energy that comes from fuels that are renewable.a few examples of non-renewable fuels are oil, coal, and rainforest timberand examples of renewable resources of energy are wind, hydro and solar

what are renewable resources and renewable energy?

renewable resources are resources that can be renewed after being used. trees for example are a renewable resource because more trees can be grown. rapidly renewable resources are resources that can be renewed quickly for example bamboo. renewable energy is energy that can be renewed after use. solar energy is a great example of a renewable energy. the sun can keep giving energy because the sun is always shining. the energy is renewed. tioga energy specializes in the renewable solar power energy. visit their website at the link below to learn more about renewable energy.

list all the renewable energy resources?

some of the renewable energy sources are solar energy,wind energy,geothermal energy,biomass or biogas.

what are examples of renewable resources?

renewable resources= there are solar energy, wind energy, biomass, geothermal energy, and there are more.

what are some examples of renewable energy resources from in the earth?

trees are renewable. so are wind and water.

why aren't renewable resources used for everything that we use energy for?

renewable resources not used for everything that we use energy for because:non-renewable energy sources are less costly in the short termin some places and for some functions, non-renewable energy sources are the only kind available at presentthere are not at present enough sources of renewable energy on the market to meet all energy demands

what is a sentence for the word renewable resources?

the solar and wind energy are renewable resources. this is an example using the phrase renewable resources.

how are renewable energy resources better than non-renewable resources?


what are some renewable and nonorenewable resources?

renewable resources are wind, solar power, geothermal energy, tidal energy nonrenewable resources are oil, natural gas, coal, things like water and trees are renewable as long as they are properly conserved.

is sound energy renewable or non-renewable?

sound energy is renewable because it is converted from other renewable resources.

what not considered to be a non renewable resource?

something that is not a non-renewable resource is a renewable resource.renewable resources include:solar energywind energyagricultural resources

what are some renewable natural resources?

treeswaterthe sun's energy

what are some disadvantages for renewable energy?

they aren't as convienent as nonrenewable resources

are renewable energy resources are also called alternative energy resources?


name some renewable energy sources?

some renewable resources are: -fertilizers -wind energy -water energy -solar power these are the 4 most common by what i know. :d

types of energy resources?

there are three main kinds of energy. these are renewable, nonrenewable, and inexhaustible. renewable resources are resources that can be replaced over time. non renewable resources are resources that can not be replaced in a reasonable time. inexhaustible resources are resources that are constantly produced.

what is texas' renewable resources?

texas' renewable resources are wind, energy, and more.

what is energy resources that are continually being replenished called?

these are called renewable energy resources. for example bio-diesel, firewood etc come under the category of renewable energy resources. taping solar energy through photosynthesis also comes under renewable energy resources.

what are the renewable energy resources in the philippines?

the major renewable energy resources in the philippines are: * biomass * geothermal * hydro * solar * wind

what are 3 renewable energy resources and 3 non renewable energy resources?

three renewable resources of energy are:solar energy,hydro energy, andwind energy.three non-renewable sources are fossil fuels:coaloilnatural gas.

what are all of the ocean resources?

i only know some of the ocean resources. some of them is oil, minerals, algae, food, and renewable energy and/or resources

what are energy resources that can be replaced called?

renewable or renewable resource

what are some q and a about non renewable and renewable resources?

q. what are some nonrenewable resources? a. some nonrenewable resources are fossil fuels. q. what are some renewable resources? a. some renewable resources are trees, fish, oil, gold, copper and bronze.

is coal uranium a renewable energy resource?

coal and uranium are not renewable resources of energy.