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computer networking

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what are advantages of database approach

what is a network that covers a large geographical area such as a city country or world

what is the worlds largest wan

what is a network server

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what is an decimal numbering system

what are the advantages of computer aided design and computer aided manifaturing

where can you enter data in a spreadsheet

what is the name of the formula to use when adding multiple cells together

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software and applications (non-game)

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what is a programming language

what does dos stand for

what is a software that is distributed for free

what is application software

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q: what are people planning to do with the computers in the future?
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computers in the future will probably be used to what?

in future, the computers will probably be used to perform all the tasks that human beings do perform. the nano-computers will probably be linked to people mind and help them think.

computers will ever out smart people?

people make computers so computer can only be as smart as the people can imagine them or want them to be so maybe maybe not the future always changes

what may be used as aids to planning?

calendars, calculators, conversations and computers.

what should be an important part of planning your future?

retirement planning a+ ;)

planning is charting the future course of action at present?

planning is charting the future course of action at present?

computers in the future?

computers in the future will be touch-less. this means that you can use them without ever having to touch them.

what planning begins with where you want to be in the future?

backward planning

what is the impact of computers in a work place?

it is the future of working and jobs. lazy people of the world watch out

are computers going to be used in the future?

it could be because the computers are working well in the world and the future computers could be better than the old ones or it could be the same

are people planning on doing anything good in the future to protect the environment?

yes they are as there will be very clever people like michael dow*

why is planning looking ahead?

"planning is looking ahead" because is done for future and done so by keep future situations in mind to be proactive in future rather reactive.

foundation of educational planning?

the foundation of educational planning should be based on the future achievements. it should be in line with a vision that is to be achieved in the future.

what is micro-planning?

micro=small planning= setting you and or others for the future

will computers replace books?

it is unknown if computers will replace books in the future.

what will happen to computers in the future?

computers will carry on developing and get better and better.

what is planning premises?

planning premises means systemic and logical estimate for the future factors affecting planning.

how are the people today using computers?

people can use computers for a variety of powerful things, like designing skyscrapers, planning for the next fiscal year of their company, or editing movies, but most use computers primarily for the connection to the internet: facebook, twitter, netflix, news sites, porn, etc. also, many people use computers for basic pages/word and keynote/powerpoint creation.

what will be the future of computer science in 2016?

there will always be a future in computers, and all things related. it will always be changing for the better as applications and computers get better. who knows what the future holds for us exactly...

why is urban and regional planning very important for future growth?

because of resource. individuals are planning their future with thier resource. and through urban or regional planning we are planning how to use our common resource. resource is not only nature and natural resource. humans are big part of planning.

which type of planning begins where you want to be in the future?

planning for your future begins with deciding what you want to be and do in a career. the next step is deciding what schooling is required to get that career.

which type of planning begins with where you want be in the future?


how are people planning for the future of our oceans?

is poetry acceptable - 'as a palm tree on the beach plans for a ten meter tsunami wave'.

why are you interested in it?

many people are interested in it because this field is growing. it is also a field of the future. everything seems to be getting computers.

what is futuristic planning in education?

planning for potentially radically different futureplanning for a period that extends beyond the planning horizon in the form of future expected conditions that may exist in respect of the entity, products/services, and environment, but that cannot usefully be expressed in quantified terms. an example would be working out the actions needed in a future with no automobiles.

is there any future use for desk top computers?

no i don't think that desk top computers will be much in the future. i think that a newer version of a Π½ΠΎΡƒΡ‚Π±ΡƒΠΊ computer will be arriving in the near future that we won't even think of.