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q: what are facts that you would include in the summary about the persian empire?
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what are three facts that you would include in the summary about the persian empire?

it extended from libya to central asia. it was split into 20 provinces with persian governors but the local governments continued their traditional systems. it was dedicated to maintaining internal and external security and promoting prosperity.

what are facts about the ancient persian empire?

the ancient persian empire was located where iran is today. babylon was its capital city.

what are 20 facts about the persian war?

see website: persia and persian empire.

what are facts about the persian empire?

at is peak, it stretched from libya to central asia.

what is a short summary of grecorroman empire?

based on the wording of the question, and looking at facts concerning ancient history, there was no empire called the greco-roman empire.

does a summary include paragraphs?

just one paragraph with alot of facts

three facts about the persian war?

it was between the persian empire and a coalition of greek city-states led first by sparta, then athens. it lasted 499 to 449 bce. the persians lost.

facts about the roman empire?

facts about the roman empire include the fact that the romans worshiped a variety of gods and held the first olympic events. they were also accomplished architects and engineers, designing coliseums, aqueducts, and temples.

what are facts about the roman empire in palestine when jesus was alive?

facts bout the roman empire

what is summary writing?

a summary is a short paraphrase of the most important facts or events in a written work.

is a summary a book rewiew?

no. a summary only contains facts about a book. a book review contains opinions.

how many paragraphs are in a summary?

1 paragraph with a lot of facts.

what are facts about the persian wars?

they lasted 50 years 499-449 bce. the persian objective was to promote peace and stability within its empire which included greek cities in asia minor and the islands.. the greeks outside the emepire in mainland greece provided support to rebellious greek cities within the empire. persia decided to incorporate those cities into its empire to create an ethnic frontier to end troubles. the southern mainland greek cities resisted. they established naval superiority and progressively defeated the persian sea and land forces. the persians agreed to stay away from the greek cities.

what are the differences between report and summary?

a report is the complete information on a subject. a summary just gives you the highlights (the most important facts); it's an overview.

what are facts about persia?

persia is current day iran.the language is persian(farsi).

who was herodotus and what did he do?

since herodotus is the first historian proper, he is called the father of history. herodotus was born in the essentially dorian (greek) colony of halicarnassus on the southwest coast of asia minor, which at the time was part of the persian empire. for more facts go to :)

what are facts about the gupta empire?

it was the second age

what are facts about neo-babylonian empire?


what is the word for a summary based on evidence or facts?


when someone moves for a summary judgment against you what is your recourse?

recourse? what do you mean by "recourse"? do you mean what are your options?one option is to do nothing and get a summary judgment against you by default. not a wise move unless you have no defense to a motion for summary judgment and the moving party does not seek extreme measure from should file a motion in opposition to the motion for summary judgment, putting forth the facts and the law as to why the moving party is not entitled to the granting of a motion for summary judgment.a motion for summary judgment is required to clearly show that given the undisputed facts in the case (facts you have admitted to as being true), the petitioner is entitled to a certain remedy in the form of judgment as a matter of, dispute the facts necessary for them to get summary judgment and dispute the application of the law that they reference as most applicable and appropriate in your case. if you successfully dispute the facts required to get summary judgment and/or you dispute the application of the law that they reference, then their motion for summary judgment will likely fail.answerfortunately for you, all reasonable inferences the court must make will be decided in favor of the non-moving party (you). keep in mind that summary judgment cannot be obtained or defeated by speculation or conjecture alone; there must be specific, concrete facts that establish the claim. if you believe that you are entitled to summary judgment, you may file a cross motion for summary judgment, which details why you are entitled to a summary judgment against the other party. in that case, you will be held to the same standard of proof as the person who is requesting summary judgment against you.

facts on the british empire?

1) sun never sets on the british empire 2) biggest empire created

persian war facts?

persia attempted to bring about peace amongst the greek cities in the eastern mediterranean by incorporating the greek city-states into its empire and appointing governors to keep them from their habitual warmongering. some of the greek cities resisted, and over 50 years progressively defeated persian expeditionary forces and wore down the persian appetite for its aim. after a series of defeats the persians gave up and left the greek cities to go back to fighting amongst themselves.

what are facts about songhai?

songhai empire was the capitol of gao

what should you include in a project about a tv show?

you should include several facts when doing a project about a tv show. the main facts to include would be what the show is about, who the host is if anyone, when it started, and when it ended.

what are facts about emperor shi huangdi?

hg was a great empire