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what advice would oprah give people?

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q: what advice would oprah give people ?
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what advice would macbeth give to othello or othello give to macbeth?

well it depends what kind advice they need

define giving specialist advice in gardening?

you question is confusing. horticulturists are the best people to give advice in gardening. i would assume from your qustion shoulod read "who would be the one..."? answer horticulturists are learned people with college training they will give you the theory. if you want good practical advice ask a gardener.

who are the people that give advice to the president?

these people who give advise to the president are called his cabinet.

what advice would galileo galilei give to young people about success in science?

try, try again.

why does oprah winfrey help people?

oprah winfrey helps people because she has been in their position and likes to improve lives for others. she is very blessed and likes to give back.

do you give an advice or do you give some advice?

advice has no singular form; the closest is a 'piece of advice'. proper usages include: give advice give some advice give a piece of advice

what is sentence for advice?

a possible sentence for the word advice is: "people on wiki answers usually give good advice".

what did oprah do to help people?

oprah, oprah, oprah. she is truly a remarkable woman. a truly inspirational african-american female at that. she built a school in africa and right now has a show called oprah's big give.check it out and see what all she does!

who can give advice on diversity equality and inclusion?

in equality and diversity, when and how would you seek advice?

what is the purose of counseling?

the purpose of counselling to give advice. it is the advice to people who are not able to make decisions.

what is to give advice?

to give advice is to give a suggestion

what advice would you give to somebody when they have an interview?

be on time.

what is advice that you would give to a frog?

does he have a frog in his throat.

what advice would you give to a grower of lettuce?


what advice to give a person starting a business?

i can give you advice to make sure that if you are hiring people, that they are honest, because alot of people are shady in todays market. trust me i know.

why did the anicent greeks seek advice from oracles?

they believed that the gods would give them sage advice.

what advice would you give if some people need to cut down their intake of saturated fats and cholesterol?

lift fatty.

what is the plural form of advise?

"advise" is a verb. the noun is "advice", and it is both singular and an uncountable plural. someone may give you a piece of advice, but if many people give you pieces of advice, it is still just "advice".

what does one gives nothing so freely as advice means?

people will give you advice more willingly than they give you anything else.

why can't anyone give legal advice?

there are people who give legal advice, they are called attorneys. to them, the law is a product that they are certified to practice and it is a "product" they can sell, not give away.

what does oprah winfrey do in her show?

help pathtic people with their lives, and give stuff away. for freeee

i want to give advice and talk to people to help them work out their problems. what would be the highest paying career i could get into?

anyone who needs any help with anything on there mind im here to help i give great advice

what does heed advice mean?

to take the advice given to you, if someone says to heed the advice given by other it means take the advice other people give you

how do you become an advice giver online?

you can always make a website for people to comment on or something and give advice that way. a really good site would be: it's a suggestion.

did oprah winfrey give birth to a child?

oprah has never had any children. so, no she did not :) actually oprah did give birth to a child at the age of 14 a boy that died in infancy go to wikipedia and type in oprah winfrey it will say there