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  • globe
  • map projections
  • mercator projection
  • conic projection
  • gnomonic projection
  • robinson projection
  • winkel tripel projection
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q: what were two early means of showing the earths surface?
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what were two early means of showing the earth's surface?

the mercator projection, developed by flemish geographer gerardus mercator, was widely used as the standard two-dimensional projection of the earth for world maps until the late 20th century, when more accurate projections were formulated. mercator was also the first to use and popularize the concept of the atlas as a collection of maps.

what is a word that means science that records facts about the earths surface?

the science which records facts about the earth's surface is called geology.

is moon a geostationary satellite?

no, geostationary means that it stays above the same point on the earths surface.

what is a 6 letter word that means state of water that is most common on earths surface?


how is the curved horizon proof of the earth shape?

we have a horizon which means that we cannot see all of the earths surface

how the earths surface changes through forces and motion?

with the prepositation and the phisiology it technically means the crust will b broken and the core

what features are on a topographic map?

a map showing the relief features of the earth's surface, by means of contour lines, to show changes in elevation

what is slow cooling magma far beneath earth's surface?

the slow cooling of magma far beneath earth's surface creates the rock inside earth to change slowly... this means that earths surface changes in times because of this cooling magma.

what country 1st part rhymes with fire and the second part means the solid part of the earths surface what country is it?

the answer is ireland. the "ire" rhymes with fire and the solid part of the earth's surface is the "land".

why is the earths surface covered by water?

it isn't. about 27% of the earth's surface is land. the rest is water because the surface temperature is generally between water's freezing and boiling points. that means much of the water will be in liquid form, and it sits on the surface because it has nowhere else to go.

what is the process that brings fossil to the surface?

when a fossil is exposed at the earths surface, that means that weathering and erosions has exposed it or the movement of plate tectonics moved the earth and then the fossil is exposed that way.

when can the early stages of emphysema occur?

early stage (of any condition or disease) means, generally speaking, "it has recently started showing signs and symptoms". in emphysema, this begins with chronic lung irritation and inflammation.

what does asymptomatic mean?

it actually means this. showing no symptoms at all.

what kind of rock is formed when magma cools slowly beneath earths surface?

this is called an intrusive igneous rock. slow cooling means that the crystals will be bigger. pegmatite is an example.

why are flowers taken to funerals?

early use of flowers at funerals stems from their use to help with the odor of the dead. other uses however have been for such things as showing respect and love for the person who died, and are a means of showing support and sharing the burden of grief with the family.

what does showing off means?

acting diffrent or showing off a move

what do you think the artist means by showing hilter doing carving?

what do you think the artist means by showing hilter doing carving?

what is a term that means 'showing prejudice' or 'being biased'?

showing knowlage and leadership

what does a strong showing mean?

strong showing means you show of how strong u are.

what is another word for showing your feelings?

expressing is a word. it means showing your feelings.

how many miles away is a meteor?

all shooting stars or meteors occur within the atmosphere of the earth, predominately the mesosphere, which means they occur within 50 -> 120km of the earths surface.

what occurs when objects when objects free fall near the earths surface?

that means that gravity is the only force acting on the object. in that case, the object will accelerate downward at a rate of about 9.8 meters/second2.

what is infrared radiation?

infrared radiation is when earths surface radiates some of earths surface back into the atmosphereinfrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation, which involves waves rather than particles. this means that unlike conduction and convection radiation can even pass through the vacuum of space.infrared radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation which is emitted in the form of heat. infrared radiation is invisible

what planet has a poisonous atmosphere than is so thick and acidic than even probes have trouble landing on its surface?

venus. it has a very think atmosphere that means its surface pressure is around 93 times that of earths. probes have landed on its surface, but due to the extreme pressure, temperatures and hostile atmosphere, they don't last for very long.

what does premature mean?

it means early it means early

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