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q: what is the objective of your life or what is your purpose for living?
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what is a bugs purpose in life?

the same purpose of all living things, to reproduce.

what does the word 'mission' mean?

frequently used to mean your goal, purpose or objective at your workplace, or in your personal life.

what does the word missions mean?

frequently used to mean your goal, purpose or objective at your workplace, or in your personal life.

what is the purpose of palliative cancer therapy?

the primary objective of palliative care is to improve the quality of the remainder of a patient's life.

what is the another word for purpose?

another word for purpose is objective.

what is objective of life skill?

the objective of a life skill is to complete a task that is self serving. the objective of feeding oneself is to acquire sustenance.

what does the quote supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive mean?

basically it is saying that death is imminent. the irony is that the main objective of life is living, and the end result of living is ultimately death; you're not living, you're dying.

purpose of carbon for living creatures?

principally, the chemistry of life is the chemistry of carbon.

what is the meaning of human life what is the purpose of human life if any?

it has no meaning beyond just living ... and that is a circular argument.

what was god's true purpose of man?

gods true purpose of man was to show love and trust and how much he cares about living things. "our life is a gift from god, what we do with that life is our gift to him"(:

what is the supreme purpose of human living?

the supreme purpose of our lives is to be the best human being we can be, and to experience life to the fullest, with appreciation and mindfulness.

goal vs objective?

goal objective is the purpose toward which an endeavor is directed. something that one's efforts or actions are intended to attain or accomplish; purpose; target.

what is objective of the study?

objective of the study in quality of work life

what are the release dates for the art of living - 2006 raising llamas 'life on purpose' author 2-22?

the art of living - 2006 raising llamas 'life on purpose' author 2-22 was released on: usa: 5 july 2007

what are the objective?

the objective is the goal, purpose, or target. it can also be defined as something that efforts or actions are intended to accomplish.

what are you living for?

living with a purpose..

why would a chemist study chemical activities of a living organism?

the purpose is to understand the chemistry of life.

profit can be no more the objective of business than eatin is the objective of living what does this statement imply?

profits can no more be the objectives of business than eating is the objectives of living

what is the purpose of life if you die at the end of it?

some say the purpose of life is procreation, however if this is the only purpose of life that we experience then what is the point of anything? the continuous circe of birth and death is fueled by the belief that continuing to breed is the reason we are here, however this may be a personal purpose of life that each living thing is supposed to share, but this supposed purpose explains nothing on a larger scale than individual motives. on a more universal scale one can not assume that the purpose life is to have children, because if that is the only reason of existence then the universe itself serves no purpose than to support life and if life itself serves no other purpose than to create and support other life then the reasons behind the existence of the universe are of no consequence to any greater good or higher power as life in itself is fragile and short. the existence or purpose of one life is inconsequential to the meaning of life behind all living things. the fact is that it is highly probable that there is no purpose behind life, except the purpose to simply exist. i don't know whether this helps at all.

what is the purpose of the frog?

living things have not been 'made' by someone for a 'purpose', that is the wrong way to think about life. things living on the planet now, have evolved to do so over thousands of millions of years and are therefore part of the web of life on our planet. it is our planet that is alive (the biosphere) and living things thrive or die out as random changes affect the biosphere and the dna that encodes for living things.

what is the main objective of forrest gump?

there really was no objective, it was just the story of his life.

why we are educated in schools and colleges and at last we find that they are totally different from living life?

the purpose of an education is to prepare you for life. to enable you to cope with the vicissitudes and problems of living. it is not a practice run or rehearsal for it.

what is the purpose of the ocular lens?

magnify the image from the objective lens.

what is objective art?

objective art is when an artist realizes their vision using any objective they have in their head. they could use a purpose like only using recycled materials for example.

what is the main purpose of a autobiography?

the purpose of an autobiography is to tell the story of the writer's own life. the prefix auto- means self, bio- means living, and -graphy means a writing. so it is the story of a person's own life.

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