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by definition all spheres are identical in shape because a sphere is perfectly round. that's what "sphere" means. in the same way, all perfect squares are identical and all equilateral triangles are identical. spheres might be larger or smaller, but the shape of all is the same because there is only one kind of sphere.

all spheres are identical apart from their radii. they all have exactly the same shape and so are alike.

well, the formula for the surface area for one sphere is 4∏r2so if you have two identical spheres, the formula for the surface area of both would be 8∏r2

streak is a mineralogical term to describe the colour produced by rubbing a piece of mineral against a (porcelain) neutral background. since opal is made from silica spheres, i'd expect a white streak, but meaningless. there may be powdered spheres left behind from the opal structure.

a circle is 2d and spheres are 3d

they are spheres because of gravatational pull

the spheres most affected by forest fires are the flammable spheres.

the two spheres that are responsible for erosion are the hydrosphere and the atmosphere. these spheres interact all of the time.

which spheres are zones of earth's atmosphere

earth has 3 spheres. atmosphere, troposphere, ethosphere

earth's three spheres are lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere

spheres do not have any perpendicular lines.

spheres are cool. spheres are the beauty of this galaxy.

music of the spheres society was created in 2001.

the main 4 well-known spheres are *atmosphere *hydrosphere *geospere *biosphere and the new spheres are *anthrosphere *cryosphere

there are four main spheres of the earth: the hydrosphere the hydrosphere the lithosphere the atmosphere

a pyramid is a shape called a pyramid, there are no spheres in a triangulare shape.

biosphere ,hydrosphere ,atmosphere ,lithosphere are the four spheres of the earth

what do the white spheres near the planet stand for?

persia, divided into three spheres of influence, northern part for russia, southern part for britain and a neutral buffer area in between.

together the four spheres of the earth make up the earth system. these spheres are the geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and the atmosphere.

it does not relate to bushfires the four spheres are lithosphere atmosphere biosphere and hydrosphere bushfires just destroy abit of the 4 main spheres

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