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"๐Ÿ’ฉ is made out of toxic waste in your stomache which comes out of your butt."

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is top a long o word?

no. the o has a short o sound as in tot and pop.

does pop have a short o sound?

yes. the o has a short o sound as in stop, cop, and hot.

does stopped have a short or long vowel?

the o has a short o sound, as in stock and pop.

what is another name for a circle?

an o another name for a circle is an o and a spherical

can you change the lens on oakley o frame goggles and if so how?

yes you can. first, pop the lenses out from the top. then, pop them out from the nose part.

do pope and pop have the same vowel sound?

no. the silent e gives "pope" a long o sound, to rhyme with cope and hope. pop has a short o (aah) sound, to rhyme with the words cop and stop.

how many licks dos it take to get to a tootsie pop?

the answer is 413 licks t o get to the center of tootsie pop, awwwwwwwww my tongue hurts!

what is alkeselzer?

it is a big pill that helps settle your stomach when you get indigestion or something you desolve in water. "pop pop fiz fiz o what a relif it is"

when was georgios sinas born?

georgios sinas was born in 1783.

has the makers of panfu made another club?

yes, yes they have olaka oulak idk what it's called but it begins with an o

out of what were jack-o-lanterns originally made?

jack-o-lanterns were originally made from turnips.

ozone is made up of?

(another contributor wrote:)the element is oxygen. the molecule or compound formed is o3, called ozone. the mixture this is commonly found in is air. the molecule oscillates between two bondings... o-o=o and o=o-o. the bonding angle is not 180

what is the difference between oxygen and ozone molecules?

oxygen is made up of two oxygen atoms (o=o), and ozone is made up of three (o-o=o).

what genre is dot dot curve?

it consists of a few genres like scream-o and pop, but pop plus scream-o would equal..... you got it crunk! just like the band brokencyde, both are very simarlar.

what is another word for water that starts with an o?

another word for water that starts with the letter 'o' is oxygen dihydrogen.

what is another word for chasm beginning with o?

another word for chasm that begins with o omission opening oversight

will there be another t-o-s movie?

yes there will be another t-o-s because max will only be with his dad for 5 years.

what were the first jack o lanterns made from?

the first jack-o-lanterns were made of turnips.

what word can be made with the letters n o e f o t o?

the adjective one-foot could be made from these letters.

does popped have a long or short vowel sound?

the o in popped has a short o sound as in pop. the e creates a t ending sound. (pop't).

what are some things to put on a scavenger hunt list?

o plastic fork o red thread o paper clip o mustard packet o straw o yellow sticky note o salt packet o soy sauce packet o water bottle cap o pop top o strip of wax paper

what word can be made using a i i o o u c c m n n and t?

i don't think those letters can be used to spell a word, but if you add another "m" you can spell "communication".

does the word top have a short or long vowel sound?

it has a short vowel sound. the o is a short o as in tom and tot. top rhymes with mop and pop.

what is another word for weird-o?

other words in place of a weird-o: an oddity an eccentric a crazy

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