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mackenzie green
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maybe like if your parents act one way and you act the same way youve inherited something from them like an attitude or maybe happiness or being a sweet person in general

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what are inherited behaviors called?

the inherited behaviors are called genotypic characters.

what are penguin's inherited behaviors?

some of penguins inherited behaviors are breathing walking and they can see there parents so sight

what are examples of inherited behaviors?

there are many different types of examples of inherited behaviors such as breast feeding in many animals. other inherited behaviors include but are not limited to babies crying when hungry and birds flying in groups.

what are inherited behaviors are called?


what are inherited traits controlled by?


what are the inherited behaviors of wolves?


what are inherited behaviors of lions?


what is the difference between a learned behaviors and inherited traits?

inherited traits are like instincts but learned behaviors are like attitudes and feelings

what is the definition of learned or inherited behaviors?

behaviors that are known innately via genetic information because inherited behaviros - behaviors that are genetically passed from parents to offspring in plants and animals.

what are the inherited behaviors of a squirrel?

some inherited behaviors of the squirrel are climbing trees, building nests in trees, and gathering acorns. they also inherited the instinct to hide the acorns after finding them.

do segmented worms have learned and inherited behaviors?


are behaviors either learned or inherited?


what are some inherited behaviors in tigers?


what are some inherited behaviors of lions?

how it acts

what are inherited behaviors of a giraffe?

inherited behaviors of a giraffe is like being able to reach high trees with necks or their eye colors or even the color if their skin.

description of behaviors that are inherited?

instinctive behavior or instincts.

what are some inherited behaviors of an elephant?

optimas prime

what are two inherited behaviors of the blobfish?

it eats and reproduces.

what are some examples of inherited behaviors?

an example is skunk's gas

what are the inherited behaviors of the red wolf?

blinking, breathing, running.

is breathing and blinking are inherited behaviors fact or opinion?


what is inhereted behaviors?

inherited behaviors are those that are natural to you. for instance, behaviors that increase success are natural to humans. for dogs, burying bones is a natural behavior.

do mollusks learn or inherit their behavior?

they may learn certain behaviors, but most behaviors such as eat and moving are inherited.

what is the term for inherited traits that are visible?

the phenotype is the term for inherited traits that are visible.

how are instincts and learned behaviors alike and how are they different?

instincts and learned behaviors are different because instincts are inherited behaviors and learned behaviors are taught behaviors (anything involving survival) to the offspring.they are alike because both of them result to survival, and they are both behaviors.