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what city state was responsible for the creation of democracy in ancient greece?


what were the main cities in ancient greece?

athens, sparta, thebes ,corinth (along with argos and mycenae before their destruction) andtheshes herton were the main cities in ancient greece.

how was democracy practiced in ancient greece?

ancient greece created the citizens assembly which was made up of male citizens of athens who voted on various issues. there was also a council that was responsible for the daily operations of athens.

what type of power did athens have in ancient greece?

athens was the capital of ancient greece so i was very important!

what type of political system was used in ancient athens greece?

a democracy was use in athens, in ancient greece

who ruled ancient greece out of spartans and athens?


where did democracy originate?

ancient greeceathens, greece.

did the ancient athens in greece not have a domocracy?

yes, ancient athens was actually the birthplace of democracy.

athens in ancient greece?


where was the ancient olympics at?

athens, greece

what are the allies of ancient greece?


what is the mainland in ancient greece?


is ancient athens on an island?

its in greece...

where did the olympic games begin?

athens greeceancient greece.

is athens a greek city?

yes athens the capital of greece and was an important city in ancient greece.

where did solon live?

athens in ancient greece.

what did athens have to import in ancient greece?


where was the school of athens painted?

ancient greece

who used your contribution in ancient greece?

the athens

what is a city state in ancient greece?


what is a democratic government in ancient greece?


where did pericles live?

athens in ancient greece

who were the earliest settlers in ancient greece?


what is the capital of ancient greece?

well, the capital of greece is athens

what is the largest city in ancient greece?

the largest city in ancient is athens. it is also the capital of greece. who's goddess is athena the goddess of wisdom.