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what are some resources of grenada?

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what are some resources of guyana

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q: what are some resources of grenada ?
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what is natural resources human resources and physical resource of grenada?


what are some unique renewable resources in grenada?

currently, grenada is the leading producer of several spices. this includes cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and mace. grenada is the second largest producer of nutmeg. the nutmeg is so important to the economy of grenada that it appears on the national flag.

what is natural resources of grenada?

spice, bananas, cocoa

do you believe grenada resources is utilizing to produce goods and services?

i think there goods and services are excellent!!

who are some famous people in grenada?

reading footballer jason roberts is from grenada, as is lewis hamilton's father.

what is the landforms for grenada?

some major landforms of grenada include the st. john's river, grand etang lake, and a rain forest reserve in addition, grenada has swamps and sandy beaches.

does it snow in grenada?

there is no snow in grenada because grenada is always warm

what is the national bird of grenada?

the grenada dove is the national bird of grenada.

what is the national animal of grenada?

the grenada dove is the national animal of grenada.

what kinds of animals are native to grenada?

native animals in grenada include many mammals such as the armadillo, the bat, whales, and the opossum. there are reptiles in grenada as well. some of the reptiles include the turtle, lizards, and snakes.

what are the national songs in grenada?

the national anthem of grenada is hail grenada. there is also a royal anthem of grenada: god save the queen.

where do grenada slaves come from?

the island of grenada

what country surrendered to spain?

grenada grenada

what is the airport of grenada?

what is the national airport in grenada

what is grenada a territory of?

grenada is a sovereign state

where is grenada located?

grenada is located in the southern caribbean.

is grenada a mainland territory?

no grenada is a windward island

how many countries does grenada have?

grenada is its own country.

what is the abbreviation for grenada?

the country abbreviation for grenada is gd.

what is the national anthem of grenada?

as a member of the commonwealth of nations, grenada uses the british national anthem (god save the queen) and the native anthem hail grenada. grenada's national anthem has 10 lines. it does not have a name, it is just called the national anthem of grenada. some of the words include god, heritage, unity and destiny.

where is the grenada county historical society in grenada mississippi located?

the address of the grenada county historical society is: 2101 country club road, grenada, ms 38901-4834

what do they eat in grenada?

in grenada they mostly eat fish & fruit.

are they any active volcanoes in grenada?

there are active volcanoes in grenada

what continent is grenada located in?

grenada is technically in north america.

what are people from grenada called?

people from grenada are called grenadians