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q: population of akron ohio in the year 2009 ?
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how much does on campus living cost a year for the university of akron?

university of akronakron, ohioannual college costs (fall 2009)room and board: $8,697

what year did lebron james graduate high school?

2003 - st vincent st mary, akron, ohio

what is the population of brunswick ohio?

as of the year 2000 census, brunswick, ohio had 33,388 people in it.

where can 13 year old kids work at in akron ohio?

nowhere unless you know some one that will hire and pay you under the table.

how many population of the philippines year 1999 to 2009?

philippines population 1999-2009

what is the current population of kansas in the year 2009?

2,688,418 in 2009

total population of the philippines as of june 2009?

the total population of the philippines this year 2009 was 97,976,603

what year did ohio state win there first rose bowl?


what is the population of mexico this year 2009?

111,211,789 (july 2009 est.)

what is the population of niue in year 2009?


what is the jamaican population in the year 2009?

about 2,000,000

was the akron pros an actual nfl league team?

the akron pros were one of the founding teams in the nfl. the pros started out as a semi-professional football club in 1908. there were then known as the akron indians. they played from 1908-1919 as the indians. the akron pros were based in akron, ohio the akron indians changed their name to the akron pros in 1920, when they joined the apfa, the american professional football association. the apfa was later named the national football league (nfl) in 1922. the akron pros were one of the fourteen teams that founded the league. they played as the akron pros from 1920-1925. in 1926, their final year of existence, the akron pros went back to their original name, the akron indians. the pros were the first champions of the apfa. they went 8-0-3 in 1920, and won the championship on the strength of their undefeated season.

what jobs will employ 16 year olds looking for their first job in akron ohio?

normally fast food places or movie theaters are good places to start looking

what is population of gotemba?

currently in the year 2009, the city has an estimated population of 89,001.

what is the population of sweden for 2009?

sweden's 2009 population is a little over 9 million and rising at about a precent per year.

what is the population of bosnia and herzegovina in year 2009?


what is the population of haiti this year 2009?

8.7 milli

what is the population of honolulu in the year of 2009?

905,034 people

in what year pba start?

from 1958eddie elias, akron, ohio, attorney, founded the pba…there were 33 founding members…the first 100 persons in the organization were charter members.

what is the year of indias population?

it hink it was 2009 the largest year with the largest country

what was the birth rate of bulgaria in 2009?

10.7 births for 1000 population in the year 2009

what is minnesota's population in the year 2009?

5,220,393 (2008 est.)

what is population of ncr in the year 2009?

more than nepal!!

what year did the sydney opera house have its highest population?


what is the population of china 2009?

1,306,313,812-2009. 12 million babies are born each year.