moral lesson of tale of pilandok story ?

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what is a moral fairy tale?

it is a fairy tale that have a moral in it, meaning that it teaches people a moral lesson.

what is the moral lesson of the story a tale of two cities?

love your love and do not secret to him your feelings and do not kill anyone

what is a moral tale?

a moral tale is a tale told at the end or a story or something else!

what is the purpose of a fairy tale?

a fairy tale usually has one of two or both of these purposes. to put a child to sleep, or to give a moral, the lesson of a story.

what is the moral of a tale?

the moral of a story/tale is the princibals of right and wrong.

is 3 little pigs a fairy tale?

the three little pigs is a fable. a fable is a short tale to teach a moral lesson, a story but not founded on fact

what makes a story an exemplum?

an exemplum is a moralizing tale, so it must be one with a moral or lesson in it, like aesop's fables.

story of tale of pilandok armm?

in the story of pilandok, a young prince that is tricked into believing that a beehive is a special gong. the prince hits the "special gong" and is stung by bees and then saved by soldiers and servants.

folk tale of how pilandok became a sultan?

pilandok became asultan because of his braveness

what is the moral lesson of sleeping beauty?

there's no moral lesson, is just a romantic tale, i guess...

what is the moral lesson of the monk's tale?

the moral is to not trust in blind prosperity, because the world is ever-changing

what is the moral lesson in the origin of the banana?

unless you are referring to a particular tale or fable there are no moral lessons to be learned.

what is a tale and what is fable?

tale - a narrative that relates the details of some real orimaginary event, incident, or case; story fable - a short tale to teach a moral lesson, often with animals orinanimate objects as characters; apologue

what is the moral lesson of the story the white horse of alih?

one of the big moral lessons of "the white horse of alih" is expressed by the iman: there is no honor and glory in killing. another moral lesson woven in the tale is that life on earth is important and should be treasured more than the promise of reward in heaven.

is an amusing play with a happy ending a fable?

no, the word you are looking for is "comedy". a fable is a legendary or fairy-tale story usually with an explicit moral or lesson (like aesop's fables)

what is the moral lesson in fairy tale snow white?

dont let your father get married to an evil queen haha

what is the moral of the story of the pardoner's tale?

the love of money is the root of all evil.

what is the moral lesson in the pardoner's tale?

the moral of this story is "greed is the root of all evil"...in other words, "death" didn't even need to be at the tree all "death" needed to leave gold there because he knew that they would kill each other for the gold.

the wife of bath's tale is what kind of story?

the wife of bath's tale is described as an exemplum, a form of parable or moral anecdote.

is the story of adam and eve a fairy tale?

a:the story of adam and eve is not so much a fairy tale but a highly complex and nuanced myth with a purpose of moral instruction.

who is like king midas?

no one. the story is an allegory and tells us a moral tale.

what was the pardoners tale about by chaucer?

the pardoner tells a moral tale that tells the story of three young men who set out to kill death.

what type of folklore is the lion and the mouse?

i believe its a fable. meant to teach a moral or practical lesson.

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