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i suggest the use of cardboard to make cardboard egg crates.

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sherryann mcbean

2021-03-04 14:08:54

can you please tell me what to put i'm only in grade 1

your answer


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i need sound proffing egg crates?

there doesn't seem to be any store near you that carries them, so i found a website that might help you, they carry the egg crates and other types of sound proofing materials often used in studios.

which egg carton is better styrofoam or cardboard?

simple cardboard

what happens to the egg as you pull the cardboard abruptly to the side explain?

when's you pull the eggs to the card abruptly the eggs is always egg an the cardboard is always to the cardboard

how can you stop an egg from breaking when dropping it?

depending on what materials you have. making a paper cone and placing the egg in it would work!

what other materials are needed for bread making?


how do egg cartons protect the eggs from mishandeling?

either cardboard or styrofoam cartons will help protect the eggs from breaking and insulate them somewhat from cold and heat. when packed tightly in shipping crates the cartons reduce the bumping and shock of shipping.

where could one find an egg crate mattress pad?

egg crates are usually made from regular things around the house. you can buy some eggs at the store and reuse the same carton for future eggs. egg crates are not easily found online.

what is egg carton made out of?

egg cartons are made from cardboard, foam and plastic depending on the needs of the egg supplier.

what should go only into garbage disposal from the following example cardboard egg shell food plastic?

egg shells actually help sharpen the blades in the disposal. no plastic whatsoever. cardboard and food will break down, cardboard will not.

what happens to the egg according to newton's law of inertia and law of motion when you set up an egg high above the water on a cardboard tube and pull the cardboard abruptly to the side?

the egg is dropped into the glass filled with water

what materials are used to absorb impact on an egg?

rubber can be used to absorb impact made on an item protecting an egg, if you are making a car that contains an egg that cannot be broke try making rubber bumpers all the way around the car, that way the impact will be taken around the outside instead of into the car (into the egg) other materials for protection inlcude packing peanuts, styrofoam, bubble wrap, and cotton balls. hope that helps :)

how do you make a cricket trap?

cardboard type egg cartons, they will crawl in.

can empty egg crates (the ones that hold a dozen) be used as an inexpensive solution to sound proofing a room?

using empty egg crate eggholders for sound proofing a room is a myth. the biggest problem with using the egg crates is that they do not block all sound frequencies and, in fact, some people report that sound is amplified in some situations.

what are the dimensions of a twelve egg carton?

in north america egg carton materials vary with styrofoam, cardboard and clear plastic cartons used. the most popular carton is the cardboard type and those hold 12 large eggs. each container for large eggs is a standard size. they measure 12 inches long, 4 inches wide and 2 â¾ inches deep.

what materials were used to make an egg cup?

for starters and egg ..

what are egg cartons made of?

some are made of cardboard and some of plastic or polystyrene foam.

what egg is better for making sable biscuits whole egg or egg yolk?

whole egg

what raw materials are used in cake making?

egg, milk, water, flour, chocolate, any flavouring you want. raw material will vary for different cakes.

does the packing material affect how well a raw egg is protected?

yes, the packing material affects how a raw egg is protected. you could place an egg in a cardboard egg carton and then in tightly packed straw and they would not break.

plans to build a car that holds an egg and rolls down a ramp without breaking the egg?

make the car out of half an egg carton (sounds like it wouldn't work but it will). the egg cartons egg holder makes for a good seat. stuff one or two cotton balls in the seat for the egg's safety. use rubber bands as seat belts (go across both ways with two rubberbands). take toy car and tear off the wheels. take cardboard, and you should be able to put the wheels through the cardboard. hot glue the cardboard to the bottom of the egg carton (all the pieces should have been cut right to make the egg carton fit on the cardboard) and your pretty much done. if you want to add any other safety things to the car, go ahead.

what is 29 on the impossible quiz?

the 29th question is "what flavour is cardboard?" with the choices "honey", "pork scratchings", "egg mayonnaise", and "talc". the correct answer is "egg mayonnaise." i have no idea why.

how do you store the fresh hen eggs after laying?

in cardboard egg boxes, large end up, in fridge.

can a man have only one egg for child making?

a man can have more than only one egg for child making.

where is expansion useful?

boiling of materials like egg.

is poaching an egg a chemical reaction?

poaching an egg causes many chemical reactions in the materials within a freshly laid egg.