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making things out of recycled things ?

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if you're thinking of doing so, i'd use cardboard for a good example.

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what are these things recycled into?

what are what things recycled too

what can recycled materials be used for?

.making recycled clothes .waste can be recycled for electricity .recycle old unwanted things then they can be changed into new products by melting the old thing down

what matter can be recycled?

lots of things can be recycled. many kinds of plastic, cloth (it's good for making paper if nothing else), paper, aluminum, steel ... pretty much any metal can be recycled.

things that can be recycled?

well, there are many things that can be recycled, but what i know are paper, plastic, can... and that is what i know.

what thing can be recycled?

there are a great number of things in the world that can e recycled. paper for example is often recycled.

where will the recycled things go to?

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what are things that can not be recycled?


what unusual things can be recycled?

there are many things that can be recycled which people might not expect. for example, bras, hearing aids, prosthetic limbs, and wine corks can all be recycled.

what things cannot be recycled?

coal burning of petrol are such thing that cannot be recycled??

things that cannot be recycled?

some things that can not be recycled, like styrofoam, everyone knows about. but pizza boxes, plastic bags and even the lids off water bottles can not be recycled.

which company produces cards that are from 100% recycled paper?

hallmark has been making recycled paper cards for some time now that are completely recycled.

how much plastic is recycled?

70% of all the things we throw in the recycle bin are recycled

can things that are used be recycled?

yes, they can

what things at home can not be recycled?


how do you conserve human made resources?

surely anything we make doesn't need to be conserved, we just make more. what needs conserving are the resources we make them out of, which basically means making less things and making those things out of recycled materials.

can bamboo be recycled?

bamboo can be recycled by building materials and making plants and also plastic can operners and a display! :p

how do you save papper?

paper can be saved by making the paper into recycled .paper can be recycled upto 6-7 times.

what can people do with big things that can be recycled?

sell it on

what are the most things recycled in a household?


what plastic things could get recycled?


where do you take things to be recycled?

the recycling center

what can you recycle at home?

there are alot of things that you can recycle at home. first of all, anything plastic or glass can be reused or recycled. things that are organic cannot be recycled.

how can steel be recycled?

steel is recycled by melting it in a metal making factory. it can be melted at temperatures higher than 1700 degrees.

what are some items one can buy that are made from recycled plastic?

there are many things which can be made by recycled plastic. some of these include recycled plastic garbage bags, recycled plastic boxes, and recycled beverage containers. plastic cutlery is also made with recycled plastic.

what are some things you can make out of recycled materials?

you could make a paper mac-he of what we could be saving if we recycled. :)