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why did the british american have to pay taxes?

the americans had to pay taxes to the british because the british started the colonies to get profit from it.

what did the british government imposed on the american colonies?

new taxes

why did britain start taxing colonies?

the british started taxing the colonies with the stamp act and the tea tax because they were in debt from the french and indian war, so they did taxes on goods the colonists couldn't produce and had to buy from britain.

taxes were imposed on the colonists?

yes, there were many taxes imposed on the american colonies by the british empire.

why did the british think that their taxes on the american colonists were fair?

because they said it was for their defense. but the defense was for the british and not for the american colonies.

which of these acts passed by the british did not taxes for the american colonies?

tea act

when did the british government first impose taxes on the american colonies?


how did the laws parliament passed increase british control in the american colonies?

the laws parliament passed increase british control in the american colonies since they lowered taxes.

what act passed by the british did not raise taxes for the american colonies?

tea act

which act was passed by the british and did not raise taxes for the american colonies?

tea act

what did the british impose taxes on?

the british enforced taxes on the american colonists. these taxes included tea, newspapers, land deeds and graduation diplomas. the british enforced these taxes to pay back the debt they were in from protecting their colonies.

why did british taxes cause american colonists to protest?

the americans were unhappy that the british were taxing them without letting any american be in their parliament. the americans thought it was unfair not to have a say in the passing of the tax laws

which act repealed taxes on tea imported to england which allowed the british government to make more profit by taxing tea that they exported to the colonies?

indemnity act

why did british increase taxes in the colonies?

why did great britain increase taxes on the colonies

why did the british raise taxes on the american colonies?

they wanted to fund the french and indian war debts, as well as many other small wars that were occurring in the same period in europe. using mercantile policies, the british thought they could easily squeeze money from their american colonies.

which british act in the american colonies increased import taxes on common items?

townshend acts

what british laws imposed taxes on such items as newspapers and pamphlets in the american colonies?

stamp act

why do the british government mistreat the colonies?

the british enforced many taxes and laws on the american colonies without any american representation. one of the most important was the "tea tax", which made many angry.

what were george washington's views on taxes?

washington agreed with the prevailing view in the colonies that british taxes which only applied to the american colonies were unfair since the colonies had no representation in the british parliament which imposed the taxes. as president he defended the right of the federal government to impose and collect taxes and personally led troops to put down the whiskey rebellion.

how does paul revere relate to the protests over taxes?

he help the sons of liberty in fighting the taxing of the colonies.

during the 1760's american colonist rebelled against the british parliament for?

raising the colonies taxes.

who was in the act?

it was enacted by the british a b u t t hole nd the taxes were exacted from the american colonies.

which act of parliament required the colonies to pay taxes to support the british army?

the sugar and stamps act required british colonies to pay taxes so as to support the british army.

how was actions of the british parliament harmful to the colonies?

they were oppressing taxes on the colonies, and it was causing the colonies money.

why did the british impose new taxes on the colonies?

british imposed new taxes in order to pay their debt. :p