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no. it is poisonous. do not eat.

i have eaten it once, and then was warned it was extremely poisonous.

i am obviously living, but i am sure there is no nutrition in the peach seed nut.

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q: is there nutrition in a peach seed nut?
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related questions

is a peach a seed or seedless plant?

the peach is a seed plant, but the seed is called the pit.

which model of earth's layer is better orange or peach why?

peach has a hard seed for the orange has many seed's. peach is the answer skin=crust mantle=mesocarp core=seed

is a chestnut a seed or a nut?

this is actually i difficult question to answer. many say that this is a nut but when it comes down to it the chest"nut" is actually a seed. it qualifies as a seed more than a nut.

is an acorn a seed or a nut?

an acorn is a nut

what is the name of the seed inside of a peach pit called?

the seed of the peach is called a stone

how do you plant a peach tree from a peach seed?

you can't plant a peach tree from a seed but you can growa peach tree from a seed.just put the seed in the ground keep it watered if there is no rain. the peach tree that grows from the seed may not be a good tree and it may take years to produce fruit it is best to buy a grafted tree and plant that.

how do you plant a peach tree?

you get a peach seed and plant it

in which structure do seed forms after fertilization?

in botany, a fruit is a structure that holds seeds. a sunflower seed is an achene type of seed. corn and wheat seeds are grains. a walnut or hazelnut seed is a nut. beans or peas have legume seeds. a peach or plum seed is a drupe. tomato, grapes and citrus have seeds called berries.

what is a name for a seed of a peach?

i looked it up, but none had anything about the name of it so i suppose it is just peach seed.

how long does it take to grow a peach tree?

you can grow a peach tree from a seed or pit, that is the seed inside the peach, make sure you water it and let it have plenty of sunlight.

what is the anatomy of a peach?

the anatomy of a peach include the seed and the pericarp. the seed is comprised of endosperm, embryo, and seed coat. the pericarp is comprised of the endocarp, mesocarp, and the exocarp.

is a hazelnut a nut or a seed?

the hazelnut's seed is contained within the nut, so it is both.

are almonds nuts?

technically it is not considered a nut. an almond is the seed (pit) of a drupe, which is a fruit much like a peach. nuts are hard-shelled fruit that have an indehiscent seed, meaning it doesn't split open or separate at maturity to release seeds.

is coffee nut or seed?


is a coconut a seed or nut?

its a seed

is an almond a nut or a seed?

a seed.

where are peaches grown from?

peach trees are grown from a peach pip (the seed) and the peach is the fruit of the tree.

what is the seed of a peech called?

a peach seed is called a stone. there is one stone in the centre of every peach. in some regions the seed is known as a "pit."

what kind of seed is in a peach pit?

one that will grow into a peach tree.

what is the name of the center of the peach?

the seed is usually referred to as a 'peach pit'.

are peaches a fruit or vegetable?

a peach is a fruit. a peach is a fruit because it has a seed in it any thing that has a seed in it is a fruit

is a brazil nut a nut?

no, a "brazil nut" is not a nut at all, but rather a seed from a capsule.

which of these is not a fruit a avocado b peanut c peach d tomato?

a peanut is not a fruit, it grows underground in a shell and is known as a legumepart of the pea family it is actually not a nut at all. avocado, peach and tomatoes are all fleshy fruits surrounding a seed or multiple seeds.

is almond a member of peach family?

no almond is not part of the peach family . almond is part of the nut family ! :) (l) xx(this answer is incorrect : the almond is in fact part of the peach family)

can you die from a peach seed?

yes you can, but the probability is low, such as choking on the seed.