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there are radiology technician schools and universities everywhere. you just have to find the right one or the best one that you like. go to local hospitals to find out more about radiology.

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q: is there a radiology tech school in northampton ?
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what degree do radiology tech schools give?

yes, many schools that offer a radiology tech school will also offer a degree for ultrasound tech. before enrolling ask specific questions to ensure the school you are looking into offers the degree you want.

how much does a radiology tech make in sarasota florida?

in sarasota, florida, a radiology tech earns between $48,800. the median salary in sarasota, florida for a radiology tech with 2 years experience is $55,200.

how long does it take to graduate with certification from an mri technician school?

the mri tech program is a one-year course that follows a degree in radiology technology. usually the radiology tech degree is a two-year associate program. upon graduation from mri tech school, an application for certification would be made to the state.

is there a difference between a radiologist tech and a radiology tech?


what is the payscale for an radiology tech?


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what do i need to do to get my radiology technician certification?

in order to be certified as radiology tech, one must go to a technical or medical school. online training and schooling is also available for those interested.

where is the highest paying radiology tech job?

the highest paid radiology tech jobs are found in california. the national average of salaries for radiology techs is $56,000. these same jobs pay $86,000 in california.

if you complete a course of radiology tech classes, what kind of job could you get?

by completing a radiology tech class you can get a job as a radiologist, or an assistant in the radiology field. for a full list od jobs go to:

what are some good lesson plans for radiology tech.?

lesson plans for radiology technicians would be personally developed by the professor teaching the course. these will vary from school to school. the radiology technology program depends heavily on hands-on work, and most work takes place in an actual lab setting.

what is radiology and where can a person go in order to take a radiology tech practice test?

radiology is the study of x-rays. a radiology tech practice test is not available online due to copyright laws. a better solution may be to check with your test administrator for a copy of past tests.

what colleges offer x-ray tech training in my area?

this website has a list of all the radiology tech schools in arkansas as well as lists of related fields of study:

how do i get training to be a radiology tech?

first you would have to get your general high school diploma. then i would find a good college and get your radiology degree. you would have to know alot about lasers, and machinery, and some background in medicine practice.

what kind of courses do you need to take if you are going to a radiology school?

what kind of courses do you need to take if you are going to a radiology school??what kind of courses do you need to take if you are going to a radiology school??what kind of courses do you need to take if you are going to a radiology school??

what is the average salary for a radiology tech in louisiana?

about 38,000/year

how much is the starting pay for radiology tech?

2400 a year.

where can i find a radiology technician career in texas?

you can check for a career in radiology tech in that area. you can also try

what does one have to do to become a radiology technician?

to become a radiology technician, one must first have their high school diploma. after that the individual must apply for a school of radiology at which they will receive a degree of radiology which qualifies them to become a radiology technician. after that one can apply to become a radiology technician.

is radiology tech a man's job?

absolutely not. a woman is just as capable of being a radiology tech as a man, just as they are as good at being doctors, engineers, scientists, accountants, ceo's, etc. as men are.

what is a radiology tech test for?

a radiology tech test would likely test your ability to succeed at a radiological technician standard task. which basically includes anything requiring imaging and cameras at a hospital.