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is cardboard good for making paper rockets ?

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i would say yes, because cardboard material is sturdy enough to hold the rocket in shape and it is flexible enough to curve into a cylindrical shape.

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what are some good insulators?

plastic, paper, wood, cardboard, and rubber are all good insulators

is cardboard a good insulator of heat?

not unless it's been specially treated. cardboard is just thicker and more rigid paper.

what can be alternatives for plastic items used everyday?

paper or cardboard are good options.

why is cardboard not good for making umbrella?

because it can get soaked an loose up.

you need a good explanation for this question what burns faster paper wood or cardboard?

paper burns faster as there is less mass to burn and less energy in paper, if it were wood, due to the mass of the wood it would burn longer and brighter and less lengthened and less brighter for cardboard.

my 5 year old daughter eats toilet paper paper towels cardboard anything paper she has thrown up whole paper towels parts off of cardboard boxes anything what makes someone want to eat paper?

it may be that whatever substance just tastes good or the person is suffering from pica. hope i helped

can eating cardboard hurt a guinea pig?

it depends what kind of cardboard. it shouldn't have any dyes in it, so like a toilet paper roll, umm im preety sure no corrogated cardboard either but not 100%..pretty much your thin, basic brown cardboard is fine. paper bags are god too, as well as newspaper. hope this helps :) news paper isn't good for guinea pigs because of the ink in it.

what is a good website to get printable cut fold and glue paper animals?

paper toys - paper cut-outs - free at printable paper planes - design - shortlist magazine printable paper rockets! -

is paper made from softwood is ideal for making writing and printing paper?

softwood is ideal for making writing and printing paper, it works really good.

why is cardboard a good insulator?

yes cardboard is a good insulator, it is good becausethe cardboard restricts air flow and holds the air in and air is an insulator. the cardboard holds air between the layers.

making things out of recycled things?

if you're thinking of doing so, i'd use cardboard for a good example.

how can children make a simple paper rocket?

by making it as good as they can

is cardboard good for the environment?

it is only if you buy recycled cardboard.

is cardboard a good insulator or a good conductor?

cardboard is a good insulator because it does not allow electrical current to travel through it.

what type of paper is the best insulator of heat?

don't know if it is the best but newspaper is a very good insulator and generally easy and cheap or free to get. cardboard is alo very good.

is pine wood good for making paper?

yes. much of the "pulpwood" is pine used to make paper pulp.

what would be appropriate for making the cell membrane in a cell model?

a good item for a cell membrane would be a thin plastic or cardboard

what are some good sites to find plans for making paper airplanes?

is cardboard a good conductor of electricity?


why is graphite good for making pencils?

because it is soft and easily rubs of onto the paper

how can you measure the diameter of the sun using only a meter- stick and a piece of cardboard?

make a pinhole camera by putting a pinhole in your piece of cardboard. hold a piece of paper one meter away from the cardboard. your pin-hole camera will cast an image of the sun on your paper. measure the diameter of the image cast on your paper. the ratio of the sun's actual diameter to its distance from the earth is the same as the ratio of the diameter of the sun's image to the distance between the cardboard and the image. in other words, the diameter of the sun (x) divided by the distance from the earth to the sun is equal to the diameter of your image divided by the distance from the pinhole to the image. good luck.

why is cardboard good for packaging?

cardboard is good for packaging because it is biodegradable as well as recyclable. it is also less expensive compared to other packaging materials.

can you mail a penny?

yes. if you just put it in an envelope and mail it there is a good chance it will rub through the paper so be sure to place it inside a cardboard insert to prevent this from happening.

can round metal container go in microwave?

metal in a microwave oven is not a good idea. many sparks. may cause a fire, especially if there is also paper or cardboard involved.

is cardboard a good conductor of heat?

yes it is a good conductor of heat