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no hermione is a real name :)

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q: is hermione a real name or is it made up ?
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is ron a real name or is it made up?

it's a real name. actually, it's my dads name..

what is the made up name for 17 in spanish?

there is no "made up name" for 17 in spanish; there's only the real spanish name of the number, which is diecisiete.

was there an arthur spiderwick?

no they made up the name but it is all real

what if your confirmation is coming up and you are thinking of choosing hermione as your name but does sophie-lee hermione mangan sound nice?

if your confirmation is coming up, you should choose a name that has significance to you or your family and also sounds nice as a whole name. sophie-lee hermione mangan sounds nice!

was betty crocker once a real person?

no its a made up name

how did j.k. rowling come up with the name hermione?

the name hermione means "well-born," "earthy," or "stone." it is also the feminine version of hermes. who in greek mythology, was often known as the patron saint of high magic. the name hermione shows up in many places in classic literature. one of these places is the queen hermione in shakespeare's the winter's tale. jk rowling could have used one or all of these reasons for naming hermione.

in the novel iqbal is fatima a real person or a made up character and if she's a real person what is her last name?

i'm pretty sure fatima is a made up character. the book does not mention her last name.

who are the people from lax in tna?

lax is made up of hernandez (real name: shawn hernandez) and homicide (real name: nelson erazo).

is monorangosis real?

no its not its just a made up name from "wizards of waverly place"

what is the name of moses made up brother?

ramseys pharaohs real son

who is alice in the westing game?

alice in the name turtle made up for her real name because her real name is tabitha ruth but she doesnt like that name, she prefores alice.

is alecia novinski real name is ashley cyrus?

yes it is alecia novinski is just a made up name of her. some poser made it up. her real is ashley marie cyrus. and yes shes related to miley cyrus. her real myspace is

in harry potter and the deathly hallows what woods do hermione and harry camp in that hermione mentions she visited with her parents?

the forest of dean which is a real place near where j.k rowling grew up.

was the name ronald reagan made up as a stage name?

no! ronald reagan's real name was ronald wilson reagan!

what is tootsie's real name in double fudge?

she or he is just acharacter their just made up

is renesmee a real name or did stephenie meyer just make it up?

the name is not known outside the series, so she evidently made it up.

what dialog made hermione granger cry in harry potter and the order of the phoenix?

hermione crys when she sees ron with lavender, but there's no actual lead up dialogue.

do harry and hermione end up together?

no. hermione ends up with ron and harry ends up with ginny.

are vampires real or made up?

made up.

what if you don't want to put your real name on facebook i never put my real name on anything on the internet?

if you don't want to put your real name put a made up name or nickname in and just tell the people who you want to add what your fake name is.

is the tooth fairy real or made up?

made up

what was alice's nickname in the westing game?

there was no alice, alice is a made up name turtle said was her real name when her name was tabitha-ruth.

what is baby gecko name?

honestly, you can use any name, whether it's made up or real is up to you. i like to name things with exotic or fantasy based names.

what is mimo's real name?

if you are looking for his real name not some made up thing it is edward lindsay i know this because my friends cousin is him and we watched him do all the website things

what is dina from shake it up real name?

her real name is marcella