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yes? no? maybe so?

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q: is 10x sugar one of the purest form of sucrose?
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what is 10x-5y in slope form?

10x-5y in slope form = 5

what is 10x sugar?

10x refers to the number of times the sugar is processed to produce fine powder.

can you use 4x powdered sugar for 10x powdered sugar?

it might not taste as good.

is confectioner sugar is the same as powdered sugar?

10x sugar, confectioner's sugar and powdered sugar are the same. professional bakers can get different finenesses of sugar, but in the supermarket the above are interchangeable.

what is the slope intercept form of the equation 15y equals 10x plus 12?

what is the slope-intercept form of the equation 15y=10x+12

how many cups are in 1 box of 10x confectioners sugar?

about 2

y -10x-25 standard form?

there is no standard form for an expression.

is 4x sugar the same as regular sugar?

the 4x just refers to how finely the sugar has been ground. for example 10x sugar is powdered or confectioners sugar. the larger the number the finer the grind.

what is the answer for 10x-5y equals 50?

10x-5y = 50 -5y = -10x+50 y = 2x-10 which is now in slope intercept form

what is the differene between confetioneers sugar and granulated sugar?

confectioners sugar is usually referred to as 10x, this means that is has been ground more finely than granulated sugar. granulated sugar is a more coarse version.

what is the factored form of 2x-10x?


why can't i buy 4x powdered sugar any more?

you can, it's just not marked as such. basic powdered or confectioner's sugar unless it is marked 10x is the same as 4x powdered sugar.

what is the factored form of 6x2 plus 10x?

2x(3x + 5)

how many cup equals 1 lb of 10x sugar?

that is about 2.2 cups

can you substitute 10x powdered sugar for 4x powdered sugar?

10 x sugar has corn starch in it so it has thickening properties that regular sugar does not. if you are in a pinch you could conceivably substitute but remove a table spoon of flour per cup of sugar from your recipe.

what is 10x minus 5x plus 5x?

10x - 5x + 5x = 10x

can you substitute powdered sugar for 10x sugar?

yes. basically, they are the same. the 10x refers to the times the sugar has been processed, or ground. powdered or confectioners is the same thing. a small amount of cornstarch is sometimes added to help prevent the sugar from clumping together. this sugar can also be made from regular granulated sugar, by using a magic bullet or other similar device. large blenders do not work well as some shaking is required to get all the sugar crystals ground. however, when measuring you must measure the powdered, end product.

what does 10x mean?

10x means.. ten times as in multiply something 10x or magnify 10x.

simplify -10x 4 -10x 5?

if you mean: -10x+4-10x+5 then it is 9-20x when simplified

does walmart sell 10x powder sugar?

that depends on which walmart you regularly shop at, but all in all they do.

what is -10 to the 4th power?


what is 10x-1476?

10x-1476 = -1466

what is 2x -10x?

2x -10x = -8

what is 2-10x?

2-10x = -8

what is 10x-8?

10x-8 = 2

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