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who is known as the first african american scientist

what is luis alvarez's cultural background

what was benjamin banneker's ethnic background

which scientist used mathematical knowledge to calculate the exact measurement of the meter

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what are chromosomes made of

how are mitosis and meiosis similar

what is a gel electrophoresis chamber

in pea plants what are the two alleles for color

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which term explains whether an object's velocity has increased or decreased over time

which of these is a characteristic of nonmetals

what is the only factor needed to calculate change in velocity due to acceleration of gravity 9.8 ms

what term is used to describe splitting a large atomic nucleus into two smaller ones

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q: in your own words what is friction?
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3 ways friction is not useful?

friction is very useful but it has its own disadvantages. friction causes wear and tear. friction spoils the soles of our shoes. friction reduces speed this is all wrong some not useful types of friction are are when airplanes fly the friction causes heat that materials that will withstand which are costly.

what are two words for friction?

abrasion, resistance

does water affect friction?

water does reduce friction, as the liquid essentially lubricates the surface between the two objects. however, this only applies to affecting other friction. it has its own friction when objects move through a body of water.

why do objects sometimes appear to slow down on their own?


does friction equal weight?

i think you are asking whether friction is proportionalto weight in which case the answer is yes in other words if you double the weight you double the friction or halve the weight to halve the friction.

what are words containing the root word 'fric'?


what are two words associated with friction?

"oh" and "ah"

how is using a pencil an example of friction?

because it's friction that rubs the graphite off the pencil on to the paper to make the words you write.

can friction cause an explosion?

not on its own. some explosive substance must be present. friction generates heat and sometimes sparks. this can potentially ignite explosive materials.

can warts go away on their own?

yes, but it may take a while - sometimes several years. warts that are in places where there is no friction of clothing are more likely to disappear on their own. warts in a skinfolding area or in places where there is increased friction have a tendency to multiply.

when was in their own words created?

in their own words was created in 2007.

when was in my own words created?

in my own words was created in 2005.

how the direction of the force of kinetic friction is related to the direction of an object's motion?

friction force works against the motion of the object. in other words friction force has the opponent direction of the velocity of the object.

what caused the friction between the patricians and the plebeians?

the cause of the friction between the two classes of people can be summed up in two words: civil rights.

why is the efficiency of a screw low?

because there is more input then output... in other words, friction. (:

paraphrasing a sentence involves?

putting an author's words into your own words.

in your own words what is bravery?

that part about in your own words means that you have to do it yourself.

do meteors produce their own light?

in the sense that atmospheric friction causes them to burn, yes.

a restatement in one own words?

a restatement in ones own words = paraphrase.

what is it to tell in your own words?

to speak you own words not quote somebody else

how do i explain how a computer works in my own words?

we can not supply you with "your own words" only you can do that.

define average in your own words?

well, then, look at the definition, and try to state it in your own words!well, then, look at the definition, and try to state it in your own words!well, then, look at the definition, and try to state it in your own words!well, then, look at the definition, and try to state it in your own words!

what would happen if there will no friction in 250 words?

nobody is going to write your essay for you..

what makes a human a primate?

what makes a human a primate is that we were born alive, we have friction skin, we own our own opposable thumbs, and when we were babies, we drank milk.

in your own words , describe the central incident in the poem?

in your own words , describe the central incident in the poem

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