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in vitro culture of jatropha curcas ?

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why jatropha curcas can be an important energy crop?

jatropha curcas seeds have a high oil content that can be processed into biodiesel via transesterification. jatropha will also grow in arid and/or depleted soil where other crops may not thrive.

how is the jatropha curcas tree used in the biodiesel process?


what family does tuba-tuba jatropha curcas belong?

kingdom: plantae division: embryophyta class: spermatopsida order: malpighiales family: euphorbiaceae genus: jatropha species: j. curcas

can jatropha curcas thrive in high rainfall areas?

jatropha curcas is a native of tropical america so should thrive in high rainfall areas assuming all other requirements are met.

what is the substance that enables jatropha curcas to produce flame?

the seeds oil

scientific of tuba-tuba plant?

the scientific name is jatropha curcas.

name 3 trees that are used for energy plantation?

jatropha curcas, saimaruba, pongamia pinnata

what is the chemical formula of jatropha oil?

jatropha oil itself is a substance. so not being a (pure) compund, it has no chemical formula. it might be toxic.there are tens of different formulas, because it's not a pure chemical by itself but a mixture. it is a non-food, biodiesel energy oil from pressed seeds (35% oil) of jatropha curcas(plant family: euphorbiaceae).

how much kg per gallon for jatropha curcas?

mali biocarburant gets 1 litre of oil from 4 kg of seed. that is seed out of the fruit pod. jock brandis

what is the chemical composition of tuba tuba plant?

the tuba tuba plant is found in the philippines. it's latin name is jatropha gossypifolia or jatropa curcas plant. it has water, nitrogen, and chlorine.

what diseases can tuba tuba cure?

tuba-tuba, or jatropha curcas, has been used by filipinos to treat muscle pain, sprains, rheumatism, arthritis, stomach ache, snake bites, and sores. additionally, the sap of the plant is believed to have anti-cancer properties.

how do you make a fire from a jatropa curcas plant?

jatropa curcas produces oil in their seeds known as bio-deasal. it can be ignited to create fire.

can jatropha curcas produce enough bio-fuel for the world?

no. jatropha can not even make a dent on the worlds fuels needs. no bio-whatever can even come close to meeting the u.s. needs. every time energy changes state (cultivating plants, transport, refining, and re-transporting) loses more energy than it transmits. (second law of thermo-dynamics). all uses of energy result in losing more than half what you started with.

what has the author frank a barile written?

frank a. barile has written: 'introduction to in vitro cytotoxicology' -- subject(s): cell culture, cell-mediated cytotoxicity, in vitro, toxicity testing 'principles of toxicology testing'

what is the english term of tuba tuba?

jatropa curcas plant

what is the international price of jatropha seed?

the price fob port of shipment for one mt of jatropha oil purpose seeds is around usd$100 - 120. the price for one mt of jatropha crude oil is around usd$ 700.

what is the opposite of in-vitro?

the opposite of "in vitro" (literally in glass) is "in vivo" (in life).

what are the bioethical issues in in vitro fertilization?

what is the bioethical in in vitro fertilazation

which plant is known as gasoline plant?


what is the scientific name of tuba-tuba?

jatropa curcas linn

is there a method of extracting biopesticides from jatropha crude oil?

bio-pesticides are derived as residual bi-products after fermentation of the jatropha crude oil for biodiesel production

how do you fertilize jatropha plants?

the jatropha tree should be fertilized once every spring, summer and autumn. the preferred fertilizer for this tree is one that is high in phosphorus content.

what has the author roberta h smith written?

roberta h. smith has written: 'plant tissue culture' -- subject(s): laboratory manuals, plant tissue culture 'in vitro propagation of kalanchoe (avery's plant tissue culture series)'

can i use a in vitro pregnancy test even if i am not trying an in vitro pregnancy?

yes. in vitro means, "in glass" or "outside of the body", and in vitro pregnancy test is a test that is performed "outside" of the human body. in vitro fertilization is egg fertilization that is performed outside of the body. all home pregnancy tests are "in vitro".

what is the function of petrie dish?

it is pietri dish and you can use it several ways in a lab mostly you use it to caltivate in vitro, tissue culture etc