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q: in the movie the sandlot what movie is playing when the dog jumped through the screen ?
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how do you get in bar glitch kino der toten?

once i got on the bar i was playing split screen with my friend and i had him go prone and i jumped on top of him he stood up and i was on the bar. :p

when you play online with your ps2 do you play through your computer screen?

no, you play through your tv screen.

how do you fix black screen of death on ps3?

blue screen when playing online

what can you view through a portion of a document on the screen?

document screen

how do you learn through the screen?


how do you locate the cabin air supply on 1995 dodge caravan?

the air is pulled in through the wiper cowl screen.the air is pulled in through the wiper cowl screen.

can you prestige on call of duty modern warfare 3 split-screen?

yes but playing split screen is harder as u are used to full screen cod

how do you play modern warfare 2 split screen on a player match?

you can only do split screen if the person you are playing with is with you.

can a reptile lizard mate through a screen?


how do you lock the screen when playing club penguin?

you can't really lock the screen because it will ruin the screen and your progress, i think you also need to download a soft ware if you want to lock the screen

how does the ds lite work?

it works through nuclear reactions with the top screen and the bottom screen

why is your cellphone screen white?

it is white because the light is shining through the screen which makes it white

in fire emblem path of radiance how do you get to the blacksmith and use him?

by playing through the game and progressing through the various chapters, you should be able to get to the blacksmith. there will be a scene where he will join your party. (it will appear on the "base" screen under "shops," select "forge.")

is a screen an input or output?

output. even if the screen is a touchscreen, the screen itself is still output. the input is handled through a conductive layer on top of the screen, ultrasonic waves in front of the screen, or from an electrostatic field in front of the screen and not from the screen itself.

runescape if you playing rs you go to anything your pc get a black screen?

yes. if you leave the computer unattended for too long, your computer screen will obtain a black screen.

why are the sides of the 'stevenson screen' louvered?

the sides of a stevenson screen are louvered to allow air to circulate through the stevenson's screen easily.

permeate in a sentence?

the rain permeated through the screen.

you view a portion of a document on the screen through an?


what is nintendo ds?

are you asking what it is? it's the new version of gameboy that has two screens. on one screen, you see your playing as normal. on the second screen, you can touch the screen to select what you want to.

did chuck norris really go into the video game world?

if chuck norris ever entered the video game world, you'd know it when he jumped through your screen and rips your heart out for assuming that chuck norris don't have more pressing things in the world to do... like wiping out world hunger!

does the kindle touch play videos?

no, it does not have a screen capable of playing video.

how can i pause the tv screen so i can take pictures of whats on the screen while playing video games?

eject the game disk

does tom clancys rainbow six vegas 1 and 2 have a split-screen multiplayer?

you can have split screen off line , but can not have two people playing on xboxlive with split screen.

what do you call the netting screen at the front of the stage that can be broadcast onto or seen-through?


why do you get black bars at the top and bottom of your tv screen when playing a film?

the film was made in a different aspect than your tv screen, this is normal.