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q: in the book treasure island what would the outcome be like if dr livesey never made the deal with the mutineers?
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what was the name of the ship used by dr livesey in treasure island?

treasure island ship

in the book treasure island what does dr. livesey do after the battle?

you read the book.

how did silver get possession of the blackhouse in treasure island?

dr. livesey gave it to him

what is the resolution of the story treasure island?

the resolution of the story treasure island is when flint's treasure was found. flint's treasure was found by dr. livesey, squire trelawney and captain smollet.

what is dr livesey's occupations in treasure island?

doctor, judge, and maybe soldier

in the book treasure island what does dr livesey decide to do after inspecting the stockade?

he eats you

what was the name of the dr livesey and squire trelawney ship in the book treasure island?

the hispaniola

what is the resolution of treasure island?

the resolution of the story is when jim, dr. livesey, squire trelawney, captain smollet, and his shipmates find flint's treasure.

did jim hawkins get kidnapped by captain smollett in treasure island?

no, he was captured by long john silver and the mutineers.

why hasn't tom redruth been buried from treasure island?

they had to get away from the mutineers so they didn't have the time to bury him.

in the book treasure island why does dr livesey squire trelawney and captain smollet give up the ship for the stockade?

to rescue jim hawkins

what are the characters in the novel treasure island?

jim hawkins dr.david livesey ben gunn billy bones

what actors and actresses appeared in treasure island - 1997?

the cast of treasure island - 1997 includes: chris barrie as captain smollett dawn french as jim hawkins hugh laurie as squire trelawney robert powell as dr. livesey juliet stevenson as jane

what island did fletcher christian and bounty mutineers settle on?

pitcairn island

the island fletcher christian and the bounty mutineers settled on?

pitcairn island

what island and inhabitants are descended from the mutineers of h.m.s. bounty?

pitcairn island

how do wretched smells coming from the deck embody the events and emotions of characters in treasure island?

the wretched smells in some way personify the personalities/moral characters of the pirates/mutineers.

where did the mutineers of the bounty settle?

they settled on pitcairn island.

who are the main characters of treasure island?

the main character of the book was jim hawkins, who was also the narrator. other important characters were dr. david livesey and long john silver.

what was the name of the island in treasure island?

treasure island or bristol

who were the five in treasure island?

in treasure island, the five people who left the island (who had originally sailed there on the hispaniola) were: jim hawkins, squire trelawney, dr. livesey, captain smollett, and long john silver. ben gunn, who had previously been marooned on treasure island, sailed away with them. however, in their first stop in a port in america, john silver escapes with 300-400 gold guineas.

to whom does jim first show the treasure map?

this question is part of the "treasure island part 1 test". you have four options:a. pewb. his fatherc. squire trelawneyd. dr. livesey.the answer is "d" dr. livesey (of course).

does treasure island have treasure?

yes, treasure island has treasure. when the crew reaches treasure island they think that it is gone. but ben gunn has been taking the treasure to a cave.

what insland inhabitants are descended from the mutineers of hms bounty?

pitcairn island

what is the setting of treasure island?

the setting of treasure island is at treasure island( should be somewhere in the carribeans), and the hispaniola, the ship

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