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how do you spell 48 months?

forty-eight months

how many weeks are in ten months?

it would depend on the monthes, but four weeks times 10 is forty. there are basically forty weeks in 10 months.

how many months are there in forty quarters?

120, because there are 4 quarters in a year, so forty quarters = 10 years. there are 12 months in a year, so 10 years x 12 months in a year = 120 months

how many years are in fifty-eight months?

there are four years and ten months in fifty-eight months. one year is equal to twelve month and four years is equal to forty-eight months. when you subtract the forty-eight months from firsty-eight months, you get ten months.

what is forty weeks in months?

its about 10 months because there is an average of 4 weeks in a month :p

how long does eggs last in refrigerator?

forty days

how many months can elephants live?

they can live up to eight hundred and forty months and maybe more if the stay healthy!

what is sixteen over forty nine in simplest form?

it is already in simplest form.

can you lose forty pounds in three months?

yes. that's very fast but do-able.

for aud 1048.79 how you will write in words?

one thousand forty eight australian dollars and seventy nine cents.

what is 42.15 as a decimal?

it already is a decimal. the word form is forty-two and fifteen hundredths.

what is 80 of 6 months?

forty years 12 months = 1 year 6 months = 1/2 year 80 x 1/2 = 80/2 = 40/1 = 40

what is thirty-seven over forty-five in simplest form?

already simplest form

what is the simplest form of thirteen over forty?

13/40 is already in simplest form (lowest terms).

how many years has the 40 hour famine been for?

the australian and new zealand forty-hour famines have been running since 1975.

how much time will it take to build a boeing seven forty seven airplane?

longer than 6 months

how do you spell numbers from forty to fifty in english?

forty, forty-one, forty-two, forty-three, forty-four, forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven, forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty

is edwin carr an ex forty niner?

edwin william j. carr, jr. (born 2 september 1928) is an australian athlete. from wikipedia

what would happen if your body temperature increased to over forty degrees?

if it was increasing to forty degrees then nothing would happen because you were already dead and probably just warming up because the sun was shining on you.

what is forty-two million six thousand in words?

this number is already expressed in words. in numbers, it is equal to 42,006,000.

when is chapter forty-five of kitchen princess coming?

chapter 45 already came, you can read them on manga fox.

how long was america was at war with the japanese?

just under forty-five months, from december 8, 1941 to september 1, 1945.

how do you write 549 in number form?

549 is already in number form. 549 is word form is five hundred forty-nine.

how do you write 40.044 in words?

forty and forty-four thousandths.

if i loaned somebody forty thousand dollars they pay me back 500 dollars a month how long will it take them to pay me back?

eighty months. that's six years, eight months and that's just the principal.