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how many trees are used when making cardboard ?

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50 trees

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what trees are used to make cardboard?

pine trees

how many trees are used in cardboard?

very few trees are used in the production of cardboard, because just about all cardboard is recycled. cardboard is made by moistening and heat drying already used cardboard. it is first made into huge rolls of paper and then layered to form thicker cardboard.

what are the ingredients used in making the cereal boxes?

the ingredient is cardboard

what ingredients are used to manufacture a cardboard?

cardboard is manufactured using paper pulp that is processed from harvested trees and recycled paper. glue and pressure are used to press it and make it retain its shape.

what are softwoods used for?

softwoods are used for structural buildings, furniture,millwork and making paper and cardboard.

how trees are used in your daily lives?

you live in a house with wood in the framing, which comes from trees. paper is made from trees. anything made of cardboard is a tree biproduct. hope this helps.

what are the properties of casein glue?

casein glues are used in woodwork and cardboard box making.

what plant is used for making paper?


how many trees are used when making kitchen cabinets?

how many trees are used when making kitchen cabinets depends on how large the cabinets are. it also depends on what kind of wood the cabinets are made out of. it could be one tree per cabinet, or even more or less!

what is the use of cardboard?

cardboard is mostly used for shipment, although it is used for other things as well. lots of companies use it to store things in making posters is quite handy with cardboard to. it is the number one item sold in shipment stores.

which coniferous tree was used in bow and arrow making?

yew trees were traditionally used for making bows.

what was pressed cardboard called?

pressed cardboard is called corrugated cardboard. it is lightweight, very strong and durable, and is used to package and store many products.

what type of trees are used for paper?

all types of trees can be used for making paper and not only trees but any plant can be used for making paper. three are used mainly, im just not sure which three yet :s sorry guys d:

is coniferous forests are used for making paper?

coniferous forests are used for making paper. the timber that is cut in these forests are also utilized to make cardboard and pulp products.

what are other things made by trees?

trees are used for making houses, furniture, boats, floors,

identify two ways recycling can reduce energy use?

less energy is used in making a recycled product rather than a new one. recycling paper and cardboard can save trees. it also saves money and time.

what are the short grasses and trees of the sahel used for?

making rope

how can plants be made into toys?

trees are plants, woods and some forms of plastic are derived from trees, and compressed paper- cardboard-like material and so on. back to nature. not all plastics are derived from wood- many from petrochemicals used in oil refining.

how can you stop cutting down trees?

to stop cutting down trees, the people of the world have to find more ways to used recycled paper. recycled paper is now big business in the united states. international paper is a company that recycles cardboard to be used in many other products, including paper.

how do you make a cardboard battering ram?

a battering ram is typically used by police in order to open a locked door more quickly. making a battering ram out of cardboard will not be as effective as a using one made out of metal, because the cardboard is not as sturdy or heavy as metal.

is burning cardboard toxic?

burning cardboard does not release poisonous fumes, so it is not toxic. ~ burning cardboard as any incineration does emit fumes. the reasoning here is that it depends on the cardboard, how it is created . currently card is recyclable however, there are many diverse usages for material classed as cardboard. this include being made waterproof, containing ink for labeling and display, adhesives. in any burning process paper or card (fast-growing pine trees provide the primary raw material used to make corrugated cardboard) this releases carbon dioxide and with that dioxins.

what is used to produce cardboard?

paper and re-cycled cardboard

what is maple trees used for?

maple of all kinds is widely used in fine cabinet making.

plants used for making a lumber?

softwood trees like pine and fir, and hardwood trees like oak and maple.

what products are available for yew trees?

the wood is very useful for many things, it used to be used for making longbows. the green foliage is being used nowadays in the preparation of a cancer drug.