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q: how many pounds should a 9 week old border collie weigh ?
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how much does a border collie weigh?

a male border collie should weigh 30-45 pounds, or 14-20 kg. a female should weigh 27-42 pounds, or 12-19 kg.

how much should an adult border collie weigh?

an adult border collie wieghs about 35-40 lbs.

what size is a border collie?

a border collie is a meduim sized dog that is usually 18 to 22 inches tall. they may weigh 30 to 60 pounds.

how fat can a border collie get?

a border collie can weigh up to six stone.

how much should a border collie retriever cross weigh?

in between 20 and 25 kgs for a healthy border collie x lab.

how heavy is a collie will he be?

i have a collie that weighs about 65 pounds but she is a little under weight an adult collie that is at the right weight should weigh about 70-80 pounds

how much does a new born border collie weigh?

border collies can weigh all sorts just like we can when we were born. my border collie was rather small he was the smallest and didn't weigh as much.

how much should a 5 month old border collie weigh?

11 kg

how much are border collie puppies supposed to weigh?

registered border collies should be 30-45 pounds when full grown. a newborn puppy is likely to be less than one pound, and up to about 10 pounds when ready to be weaned and placed with a family.

how large can a border collie get?

an average male adult border collie can weigh around 17kg and an average adult female, 15kg.

how much does a ten week old collie weigh?

a ten-week-old collie may weigh around 10-12 pounds. a full grown collie is known as a medium size dog, and can weigh 48-70 pounds.

how much should border collies weigh?

from 30-35 pounds

how much do border collies weigh?

border collies weigh 30-45 pounds.

how much should a female bearded collie weigh?

100 lbs

how much do border collie blue heelers weigh?

mine weighs 80 pounds, but he's a little chubby (quarter collie 3/4 blue heeler). i think it really depends on how tall your dog gets but probably closer to around 70 pounds if they're tall, 65 if he's shorter. that's what my vet told me anyways

what do border collies wigh up to?

border collies are a medium-sized dog with a high activity level. they can weigh up to about 50 pounds, but typically they weigh around 35 to 40 pounds.

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