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q: how many people live's tokyo ?
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where live kamenashi kazuya?

he's originally from edogawa tokyo..., i am not sure if he still lives there or they move somewhere around tokyo .., where people can't disturb them...,

what are the physical and human of characteristics tokyo?

many people believe that tokyo is big but im bigger!!

how many people knew about the tokyo 1923 earthquake?

two many

what is a belief that people have many lives?

reincarnation is the belief that people have many lives.

who lives in the imperial place in tokyo?


are their thirty five million people in tokyo?

there are 35 million people in greater tokyo which is broken up into many different wards like lots of different cities in one. in central tokyo there is 8.5 million people

what do people eat in tokyo?

wat do people eat in tokyo

did miho obana die in the japanese nuclear crisis?

no. she survived. she lives in tokyo, where they have not had as many problems from the crisis.

how many people live in tokyo japan?

13.62 million.

about how many people visit tokyo a year?

about 50 thousand

how many people in tokyo are living in poverty?

1 in a billion

how many people go to tokyo each year?


how many people live in tokyo 2012?

5 billion

how many people live in tokio?

the city of tokyo has a population of 13,230,000 people. the greater metropolitan area of tokyo has a total population of between 34-36 million people.

why do so many people go to tokyo?

because tokyo is a verry nice place it is a big city because tokyo is a verry nice place it is a big city

in japan what city does the emperor live in?

he lives in tokyo.

how do people from tokyo adapt to the envioment?

people were crowded because the people adapted the tokyo

what is the belief that people have many lives?

the belief that people pass through many lives is reincarnation.

how many restaurants are in tokyo?

how many restaurants are in tokyo?

how many survived the tokyo earthquake?

all of the people who did not die were survivors. this is how many survived.

how many young people live in tokyo city?

457,1083,24 million

how many people live within the core of tokyo?

23 million

how many people are in tokyo?

there were 8.6 million people in the 23 special wards of tokyo as of october 2007. actually, it is unknown how many people exactly live in tokyo. same with any other place in the world. think logically, brainstorm a reasonable answer, and check it using useful resources. your welcome for helping you with your homework.

how many people visit disneyland tokyo each year?

in 2007 there were 13.9 million people

what town does yuki cross live in?

she lives in tokyo, japan :)