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how many characters are viewable in subject line of an email?

56/less but it is advisable that it is 25 char only

what is the different between email address and website?

a web-site is viewable by anyone - an email address is only viewable by the person that the address belongs to.

who can read your email?

whomever has your username and password can see your email, unless you have your profile viewable to everyone or a select group of people. it's illegal for someone to hack your page.

what is subject in email?

the subject in an email is typically what the email is going to be about.

in email what does subject mean and how is it used?

subject is what the email is about.

if you join facebook is your email put out on the internet?

no, your e-mail is only viewable to people you add. it is located in the info section on your profile

what is subject for email?

subject for email means the thing you are talking about

what is the correct way to write email address?

generally an email address has two parts - the username and the name of their service provider. so if fred bloggs has an email account with, then the email address will be something like [email protected] - always all in lower-case letters and with no spaces between any characters.

what does subject mean in e mails?

the subject of an email is a brief description of what the email will be about. the subject is a chance to let your reader know what the email means and what will be discussed within it.

what is an informative email?

an informative email will be in the form of an email and have information about a subject

what is subject line in email?

the subject line in an email is the place to put what the general topic of the email is. it is what the person receiving your email will see along with who sent it before actually opening the email.

what is the purpose of the subject box in an email?

always put subject heading so that the person receiving the email can quickly see what the email is about.

in an email what does subject mean?

the subject is what the message is about.

what do you put in subject box?

the subject of your email.

what is required to be in the section of subject when sending an email?

the subject section is basically the summary of your email. hope that helps

how do you change your characters name for freestyle street basketball?

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what are examples of alphanumeric characters in an email address?

[email protected] the following 62 characters are alphanumeric characters. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789

how long does it take to get magiquest email?

generally an email confirmation is immediate. if you did not receive an email, please contact customer service.

why the subject field in email is important?

to give quick info on what the email is about.

what are the three main parts of an email?

email address, subject, body

the part of an email that describes what it's about is the?

the subject line will tell you what an email is about.

how do you send an email?

every email looks a little different, but writing and sending an email is the same for all. to write and send an email:click on "compose."type the email of the person you want to send the email to in the "recipients" box.type the subject of your email in the "subject" box. the subject can be as simple as "hi" and should be just a few words.type your message in the large "send."the email will then appear in the "sent" box.

how can you make an email link in html?

you can use the following for an email address, just change the italicized text:[email protected]">click here to send me an emailthe email address is [email protected] text displayed is click here to send me an emailor this one, to specify a subject line:[email protected]?subject=email%20subject%20here">click here to send me an emailthe email address is [email protected] subject is email subject here (the "%20" indicates a space between words)the text displayed is click here to send me an email

what is the average length of an email address?

6-32 characters is 99%

what does subject stand for in an email?

what your writiing about