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how long do doctors intern ?

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what is the salary for doctors in internship or residency?

depends on where you are doing... may be from 38000$ to 65000$/annum depends on which year of intern you are, and where you are doing intern....

what does intern mean?

an intern is an on-the-job trainee, usually paid nothing or very little. the origin is in the medical profession--interns are qualified doctors getting practical experience in hospitals.

how much do doctors in kenya get paid?

about 50,000ksh/month for an intern...100,000ksh/month for a qualified dr and for specialists anything from 200,000ksh to 300,000ksh/month.

how do you spell intern?

you have it right. intern

is intern a root word?

no intern is not a root

is an intern the same as an internist?

an intern is the name given to students in their first post-graduate year as doctors. an internist is a physician who specializes in internal medicine, and has completed several years of post-graduate education after internship, to become board certified or eligible to practice in that specialty.

how many years does it take to be intern doctor?

if you are asking how long it takes to become an intern it is four ears of high school four years of college and four years of med school. if you are asking how long you are an intern the answer is one year. after that year you become a resident for two years then you can go so whatever you want and you are done with your training.

what is the duration of the intern?

the duration of the intern is 1.5 hours.

how do you write a good testimonial for a good intern?

you should list specific skills that you have observed in this intern, such as "honest," "able to work well with a team," or "excellent library research skill."cite one or two short examples of situations in which this intern really impressed you, or state in general why you feel the intern deserves whatever position you are writing the testimonial for.tell how long you have known the intern, and in what capacity. if you know of any jobs, awards, or other commendations that would help the intern, you may list them also.

when did besty bernard intern for at and t?

1976, summer intern

how can you use intern in a sentence?

there's just me and an intern upstairs.

how do you spell the word intern?

intern is the correct example sentence is "the intern has gotten the manager's lunch order wrong".

in 1919 british plans to intern people suspected of sedition what does intern mean?

intern means to imprison or detain, in this context.

where do doctors get training?

in order to become a doctor one needs to attend a university for a bachelors degree, attend a medical school like harvard med. and be an intern for a few years.

what is the duration of intern academy?

the duration of intern academy is 1.5 hours.

how do you intern?

you can become an intern by applying to a company and requesting to become an intern. they will review the application and conduct an interview to determine if you are a good fit for their company.

how long do doctors work?

they work very long hours.

is a md qualified to give a gynecological exam?

that depends on the specialty of the md. all doctors learn this when they become an intern. once they specialize, most phycicans do not perform any gyn proceedure.

what is the fastest way to become a surgeon?

the fastest way is going to pakistan because you can get in to med school right after high school finish in four to five years and then you can intern how long you want to intern. this saves you four years.

how long do doctors go to university?

doctors go to college for six years. they have to in order to get a degree.

is an intern an employee?

what are you tube intern ate flirting site?

flirting site ate intern your tube!

how long will a sperm sample be viable?

not long unless kept by doctors.

who is the merideths new friend on grey's anatomy?

sadie, a new intern. sadie, a new intern.

why does having doctors affect how long you live?

doctors help to find and cure illnesses. without doctors, people may die of very curable diseases.