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how is heat transported in the body?

heat is transferred through the blood

heat is transferred from your body into an ice cube by?


where can you find some examples of equilibrium?

in case of transfer of heat. the heat is transferred from a body at higher temperature to the body at lower temperature. the heat is transferred till the time the temperature of both the bodies becomes same.

how is heat transferred when person holds a pen that is already at body temperature?

it's not.

how is heat transferred through the body?

heat relies on the flow of a fluid to transport it from the object being cooled to the surrounding environment!

how can your body heat water in a swimming pool?

if the temperature of the water is less than your body temperature, then heat will be transferred from the warmer body to the colder body of water. the molecules in your skin vibrate because they are warm. when a water molecule touches a warm vibrating skin molecule, some of the heat energy in the skin molecule is transferred to the water molecule, warming the water.

evidences that energy can be transferred from one body to another?

in cooking my breakfast, i notice that heat is transferred from the stove elements to the pot in which my porridge is cooking.

does the change in temperature of an object affect how much heat it can transfer to another object?

the temperature of an object affects how much heat can be transferred. this is because if the object to which heat is transferred has high temperature then there will not be much heat transfer. heat flows from a body of higher temperature to lower temperature.

how heat is transferred?

heat can be transferred in three ways: - convection - conduction - radiation

what are the three ways heat is transferred?

heat is transferred by conduction, convection, and radiation.

how is heat transferred by conduction?

the heat is transferred by direct contact of particles of matter

how does heat transferred in conduction?

heat is directly transferred, like a frying pan.

what can serve as modes of both heat gain and heat loss from the body?

there are two sources by which heat is produced in our body.endogenous sources and exogenous sources.endogenous sources heat by our metabolic and muscle activity. exogenous sources heat when the environmental temperature exceeds our body temperature and that is transferred to our body.

in what ways can heat can be transferred?

heat can be transferred in three ways. convection, conduction and radiation

what are the three ways heat can be transferred in the atmosphere?

in what three ways is heat transferred to the atmosphere

who is heat transferred in convection?

heat transferred in convection occurs through movements of fluids.

what is the energy transferred from a hotter object to a cooler one referred to?

energy in transit from a hotter body to a cooler body is called heat.

if you stand ten feet away from a large campfire heat is transferred to your skin how does this happen?

electromagnetic waves carry heat from the fire to your body

describe three ways heat can be transferred in a boiler?

what are the 3 ways to transferred heat into a boiler

what do molecules do when heat is transferred by conduction?

heat energy is transferred by conduction whenever molecules collide.

how is heat transferred through radiation?

heat is transferred by energy waves moving through space.

what is it called when heat energy is transferred by particles or waves?

if heat is transferred by waves, we call it radiation. if it is transferred by particles in contact it is conduction, and if the particles move to carry the heat it is convection.

how is heat energy lost through the body?

heat energy in the human body is transferred to the ambient environment. to accelerate this transfer evaporation of moisture, sweat, assists. generally the heat transfer is by radiation, thermal diffusion and conduction.

how does the human body give off heat?

the human body is usually hotter than its surroundings. as a result, heat is transferred to the surroundings. all three methods to transfer heat (conduction, convection, radiation) can be involved here.

why heat can not be transferred in this way in an iron rod?

heat is transferred only from high energetic concentration to low energetic concentration. therefore heat cant be transferred in any usual way.