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q: how is mis used in hr marketing finance and production?
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what is difference between marketing information systems and marketing research?

mis is the interpretation of information while marketing research is the gathering of information. mis is used by managers for planning, leading and organising.

what are the components of mis?

components of mis:- 1) marketing research system (mrs) 2) marketing intelligence system (mis) 3) internal recoed system (irs) 4) dission support system (dss)

what are various types of management information system?

1) accounting mis 2) financial mis 3) manufacturing mis 4) marketing mis 5) hr mis

what do you mean by marketing information system?

mis is the set of procedures, information handling, routines and reporting techniques design to provide information required for making marketing decisions. mis is the set of procedures, information handling, routines and reporting techniques design to provide information required for making marketing decisions.

define the statement a marketing information system is an investment not a cost?

mis is investment not a cost

role of mis in marketing?

don't give ans if u r nt able

what are essential components of effective mis and why describe the mis of an organisation by giving the detail of description and critically?

1. a marketing information system (mis) is intended to bring together disparate items of data into a coherent body of information. an mis is, as will shortly be seen, more than raw data or information suitable for the purposes of decision making. an mis also provides methods for interpreting the information the mis provides. moreover, as kotler's1 definition says, an mis is more than a system of data collection or a set of information technologies:"a marketing information system is a continuing and interacting structure of people, equipment and procedures to gather, sort, analyse, evaluate, and distribute pertinent, timely and accurate information for use by marketing decision makers to improve their marketing planning, implementation, and control".figure below describes the major components of an mis, the environmental factors monitored by the system and the types of marketing decision which the mis seeks to underpin.the marketing information systems and its subsystemsthe explanation of this model of an mis begins with a description of each of its four main constituent parts: the internal reporting systems, marketing research system, marketing intelligence system and marketing models. it is suggested that whilst the mis varies in its degree of sophistication - with many in the industrialised countries being computerised and few in the developing countries being so - a fully fledged mis should have these components, the methods (and technologies) of collection, storing, retrieving and processing data notwithstanding.internal reporting systems: all enterprises which have been in operation for any period of time nave a wealth of information. however, this information often remains under-utilised because it is compartmentalised, either in the form of an individual entrepreneur or in the functional departments of larger businesses. that is, information is usually categorised according to its nature so that there are, for example, financial, production, manpower, marketing, stockholding and logistical data. often the entrepreneur, or various personnel working in the functional departments holding these pieces of data, do not see how it could help decision makers in other functional areas. similarly, decision makers can fail to appreciate how information from other functional areas might help them and therefore do not request it.the internal records that are of immediate value to marketing decisions are: orders received, stockholdings and sales invoices. these are but a few of the internal records that can be used by marketing managers, but even this small set of records is capable of generating a great deal of information.

difference between marketing information system and decision support system?

mis is centralised and mdss is decentralised.

what is the scope of marketing research process?

according to american marketing association, “marketing research is the function that links the consumer, customer and public to the marketer through information-information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems, generate, refine and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and improve understanding of marketing as a process.”marketing research is systematic problem analysis, model building and fact finding for the purpose of important decision making and control in the marketing of goods and research is a well-planned, systematic process which implies that it needs planning at all the stages. it uses scientific method. it is an objective process as it attempts to provide accurate authentic information. marketing research is sometimes defined as the application of scientific method in the solution of marketing research plays a very significant role in identifying the needs of customers and meeting them in best possible way. the main task of marketing research is systematic gathering and analysis of information.before we proceed further, it is essential to clarify the relationship and difference between marketing research and marketing information system (mis). whatever information are generated by marketing research from internal sources, external sources, marketing intelligence agencies-consist the part of mis.mis is a set of formalized procedures for generating, analyzing, storing and distributing information to marketing decision makers on an ongoing basis.while marketing research is done with a specific purpose in mind with information being generated when it is conducted, mis information is generated continuously.mis is continuous entity while marketing research is a ad-hoc system.while in marketing research information is for specific purpose, so it is not rigid; in mis information is more rigid and research is essential for strategic market planning and decision making. it helps a firm in identifying what are the market opportunities and constraints, in developing and implementing market strategies, and in evaluating the effectiveness of marketing research is a growing and widely used business activity as the sellers need to know more about their final consumers but are generally widely separated from those consumers. marketing research is a necessary link between marketing decision makers and the markets in which they research includes various important principles for generating information which is useful to managers. these principles relate to the timeliness and importance of data, the significance of defining objectives cautiously and clearly, and the need to avoid conducting research to support decisions already made.

explain different components of management information systems in detail?

components of mis:- 1) marketing research system (mrs) 2) marketing intelligence system (mis) 3) internal recoed system (irs) 4) dission support system (dss

what actors and actresses appeared in por mis pistolas - 1938?

the cast of por mis pistolas - 1938 includes: carmelita bohr narciso busquets ernesto finance fernando soler domingo soler georgette somohano aurora walker

impact of management information system on business?

management information system (mis) is completely integrated with business today. various business functions such as customer satisfaction, sales and marketing, it operations, hr, operations management all benefit from mis.

advantage disadvantage of marketing information system?

in order to make good marketing decisions, marketing managers require high quality information about the market. it is not sufficient to rely on hearsay or hunches. poor information never led to a successful marketing decision except by sheer chance. there are numerous methods of marketing research ranging from educated guesswork to hard facts. you need to be aware of the assumptions and limitations in order to know when to use a particular one and how to interpret and apply the information generated. the marketing research process is only one of the sources of information for the mis. it is worth remembering that it is all the sources of information which contribute to the mis which help us understand our customer's needs and wants; that information does not come just from our marketing research activities. the mis is part of the larger information system in an organisation ¾ the management information system. the distinction between the mis and management information system is important. the management information system focuses on information relevant to all aspects of an organisation's operation: for example, personnel records, payroll data, financial ratios, financial investment analyses, inventory records, sales and market data, market share, buying trends, and so on. the mis focuses on only the marketing aspects of the management information system. after all, an mis has to meet the needs of its customers (users) and, to do that, those needs must first be assessed. identifying what information managers would like to have identifying the information they actually need identifying what information it is feasible to offer them. the advantages of mis are as follows: 1. handles both internal and external data 2. is concerned with preventing as well as solving problems. 3. operates continuously ¾ is a system. 4. tends to be future-oriented. 5. is a computer-based process. 6. includes other subsystems besides marketing research.

how is a dss similar to a mis?

a dss, just like a mis, is an information system and aids management in making more solid decisions for the organization. however, a dss and a mis are used at different levels of management.

how do you say my dreams in spanish?

mis ensueños; mis ilusións; mis sueños; mis soñars

mis what are the challenges faced by mis managers today?

challenges in studying mis: some of the distinguishing challenges that the people face while planning, using or approving management information systems are: • mis requires a wide variety of knowledge areas including accounting, finance, marketing and manufacturing. therefore having both technical and practical experience in these subjects is very useful. • both technology and technology-related products are emerging at very high pace. consequently no one possibly be proficient in all new technologies and compromises have to be taken. • many terms used in mis are inaccurate and controversial because of high pace of new hardware, software and communication technology. • mis problems are difficult to define. some times a situation may be seen as a problem but in fact it may be a symbol only. • not like other subjects like physics, chemistry that exists probably from very beginning, mis has only been recognized as a separate field of study in 1960s. • a large number of important areas of mis are still not touched as said by many professionals. • there is a lack of sympathetic relationship between mis personnel and users and management and mis personnel because employees are more loyal to their profession rather than needs of the organizations. • no universal standards have been established regarding how much to spend on mis

what is the meaning of mis and need of mis?

"mis" would best translate to "mine". for instance, "mis hermanos" would translate to "my brothers" and "mis besos" to "my kisses". entender, mis amigo?

who played cosette in les mis?

if you're referring to the movie, cosette is played by actress amanda seyfried. it is hard to pin point for the stage production; as many actresses play her for the theatre production.

what are the benefits of marketing information system?

1)helps to recognise market trends: mis helps managers to recognise market trends, in respect of price, designs of products, fashions, etc. timely information of the market trend enables the firm to follow the right course of action. 2)facilitates marketing planning and control: effective marketing planning is required in terms of product planning, pricing, promotion and distribution. such planning will be possible only if the company is possessing adequate and relevant information. this is also possible through mis. 3)quick supply of information: today a firm has to take quick decisions. for this purpose it requires fast flow of information which is facilitated by a properly designed mis. 4)improves quality of decision making: a properly designed mis supplies reliable and relevant information. with the help of computers and other data processing equipments, the marketing managers can make the right decisions at the rught time.

what is the full form of mis report?

mis reports are tools of information used in decision making process within organization.mis stands for management information system.

what are the words used in the prefix word mis?

the prefix mis- means wrong or bad. a few words with this are mislead, misinterpret, mispronounce, misinform, etc.

what does the suffix mis mean?

if you mean the prefix "mis," then it means wrong or incorrectly: misread, mistake, misuse. i haven't heard it used as a suffix though.

why you want work on a factory company?

i started my carrier at a very junior level as management trainee in a factory and last ten heading finance & accounts department . i am handling finance, accounts, mis , budget , costing in-dependably of a mid size factory operation.

what is the difference between edp and mis?

there are a few differences between edp and mis. edp is mainly used for bookkeeping, operational management, and clerical work. mis is business driven, heavy planning, common data, and larger reports.

mis and its advantages?

please i want to know the advantages and disavantages of mis advantages- mis can show you where is your profit / sale / cost etc. coming from used diff. dimensions for smooth analyses disavantages - mis is usually a robust solution with many interfaces so any change in organisation or sw has an impact to mis business rules & calculation

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