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how far is maldives from trivandrum ?

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how do you go by flight to maldives from india?

you can go to maldives by flight from trivandrum to male (maldives) . there is direct flight and flight fare is only 12800/- for two way tickets. its on arrival visa.

how far is trivandrum from kanyakumari?

its around 90kms

how far is it from london to maldives?

it is 5279 miles / 8496km from london to the maldives.

how far is colombo from trivandrum?

its 45 min flyin distance appr.

i have a busineess in trivandrum or i have a busineessat trivandrum which one is correct?

"i have a business" in trivandrum is correct.

how far from california to maldives?

18 hours

how far is mauritius from maldives?

approximately 2,000 miles

how far ahead is maldives from gmt?

+5 hrs

where is the anti christ church in trivandrum?

where is the anticrist churches in trivandrum

how far from dubai to maldives?

about 4 hours flying time!

how far is lakshadweep from trivandrum?

lakshadweep is not accessible directly from trivandrum, you need to travel via kochi. (kochi is 6 hours away (by road) from trivandrum ) lakshadweep is about 18 hours away (by sea). by air (air india) to lakshadweep from kochi, is about 1.5 hours. distance between kochi & lakshadweep - 440kms

how far from the maldives to london?

there are approximately 5,410 miles from the maldives to london. the estimated flight time is 11 hours and 34 minutes.

how far is rameshwaram from trivandrum?

"how far is rameshwaram from trivandrum?"approximately 400 kms from trivandrum.also see distance from other important cities belowkanyakumari 320 kms trivandrum (thiruvananthapuram)400kmsmadras 666 kms madurai 167 kms ramanathapuram 55 kms sivaganga 136 kms karaikudi 149 kms tanjore 248 kms tuticorin 180 kms tiruchendur 209 kmsfor more information on rameshwaram and its important cultural heritage- visit

where is the pizza hut in trivandrum?

there is a pizza hut in trivandrum. see the related link.

how many hours flight from pune to trivandrum?

pune trivandrum how many hour

what is trivandrum rubber works's population?

trivandrum rubber works's population is 163.

what is the population of trivandrum rubber works?

the population of trivandrum rubber works is 2,005.

when was trivandrum international airport created?

trivandrum international airport was created in 1932.

when was university college trivandrum created?

university college trivandrum was created in 1834.

kilometer between trivandrum airport and trivandrum international school?

about 20 km in all

how do you get the reliance land line number in trivandrum?

how do i get a reliance land line number in trivandrum?

where to get yellow fever vaccin in trivandrum?

its not available in trivandrum. you need to go to kochi for this vaccination

how many kilometers from kasargod to trivandrum?

the distance between kasargod and trivandrum is 653 kilometers.

what is trivandrum international school's motto?

trivandrum international school's motto is 'learning is for life'.

when was college of fine arts trivandrum created?

college of fine arts trivandrum was created in 1888.