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how does a greenhouse use solar energy ?

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answered 2021-05-07 14:12:04

in the case of solar-powered greenhouse projects, the roof is used to place pv panels for energy generation while side sheets can be removed when required for controlling the environment inside greenhouses. solar panels produce electricity to power electric equipment in the greenhouse like fans, pumps or lights

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does solar energy have greenhouse gasses?


why should we not use solar powered energy?

there is no reason to not use solar powered is is has no harmful greenhouse gas emissions.the more we use solar power, the less we have to use dangerous fossil fuel.

what is being done to encourage the use of solar energy in our country and around the world?

the solar energy is a non polluting source of energy. it does not contribute to any greenhouse gas or pollution.

how do we use solar energy?

we use solar energy by solar pannels

why is solar energy is sometimes called a clean energy?

carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas.

conclusion on solar energy?

my conclusion is that solar energy is very useful, particularly in a time when we are concerned about greenhouse gas emissions from other energy sources.

gases in the atmosphere that trap solar energy are called?

greenhouse gasses

what energy source generates the least greenhouse gasses?

solar (apex)

what type of energy does a green house have?

a greenhouse uses solar energy to heat and provide light.

how is earth's atmosphere affected by solar energy?

the earth's atmosphere is affected by solar energy because the energy creates a greenhouse effect. when the radiation of the sun makes the earth too warm, there will be too much greenhouse gas that gets trapped in the atmosphere.

does carbon dioxide act as a greenhouse gas by storing solar energy?


what are the advantages of using solar panel?

solar panels are devices that use the sun's energy or solar energy and converts it to electrical energy which is then transferred to appliances. it is an environmental friendly device. it does not produce greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. if you look on with economical views, it saves you a lot of money and is a boon to mankind.

solar energy trapped by gases in venus's atmosphere causes what?

venus's greenhouse effect

when you use solar energy are you saving energy?

no, you are still using energy. if you are using electricity generated from the sun then it is not releasing greenhouse gas emissions. so you are saving the world (a little bit) from global warming.

are there any issues concerning use of solar energy?

using solar generated steam would increase water vapor, a powerful greenhouse gas, in the atmosphere and raise the overall surface temperature.

how many people use solar energy?

66,987,417,86 people use solar energy

why it is important to use solar energy in pakistan?

why is it important to use solar energy in pakistan

what changes solar energy to electrical energy?

mainly the solar panels. they are designed to use solar energy

how do various technologies or practices influence the use of solar energy?

solar energy influences technologies to use solar panels to conserve energy by using solar panels.

what type of energy does a solar panal use?

a solar panel absorbs solar energy

is solar energy same as solar cells?

no, solar energy and solar cells are not the same, although sometimes people do use the phrases as though they were interchangable. solar energy is energy that is transferred from the sun to the earth. solar cells are devices that turn energy from the sun into photovoltaic energy that we can use.

how can you provide energy without greenhouse gases?

solar energy, solar panels. wind energy, wind turbines. water, that is used to turn turbines like those in the hoover dam as well.

what energy sources produce no greenhouse gasses?

renewable energy sources produce no greenhouse gases.examples are solar, hydro, wind, wave, tidal, geothermal, biomass, biofuel and others.

is it good for solar energy to be silent?

of course it's good for solar energy to be silent! who wants to listen to the constant buzz and hum of electricity in the background? solar panels emit no pollution once they're installed and in use. this includes pollution from greenhouse gases, fumes, chemicals, and noise.

what type of energy is use for solar power?

solar is a type of energy =solar energy it can be transformed into electricity