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it gets a lot darker, and i mean a lot, not gonna say why cause that would spoil the book for people who haven't read the giver yet.

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q: how does lois lowry's writing change once the transmition of memories has started?
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in your booty

when is lowrys birthday?

march 14, 1992

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to be a author and to become a writer

what was l s lowrys media?

oil paint.

when did laurence stephens lowrys mother die?


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he use to work on the farm

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his sister is lois

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would you like to have one of lowrys paintings on your wall explin your decision?


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she has two daughters, alix and kristin.

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enders game by orison scott card

what were the names of lois lowrys kids?

alix kristen stewie megan chris

what happend to lois lowrys mom?

she passed away at 21 it was a sad moment at her funaral -lois lowry

when is the lowry sc christmas parade?

the lowrys christmas parade is held on the third saturday in december at 1 pm.

when did ls lowrys dad and mum die?

his dad died in 1932 and his mum in 1939

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its worth 3.2 million pounds. i think the match is the most expensive of l.s lowrys paintings.

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what was ls lowrys marionette works?

a collection of works inherited by carol ann lowry (no relation), involving seemingly "tortured" women in straight lined modern (to the time) clothing. these are kept in the vaults of the lowry in manchester, and available for viewing on request; although some are exhibited in the lowry section outright.

who is ls lowrys girlfriend?

l.s lowry had 2 main girlfriends. he had one at the age of 21 but he only stayed with her for a year. then, when he was 30 he went out with a girl named susan white and was with her for 6 years, but he wanted to marry her and she did not so they broke up. his mother said that he wasn't interested more interested in his artwork

what is the story behind l.s lowrys painting 'the cripples'?

lawrence stephen lowry became increasingly fascinated by cripples, misfits, and the standard down and out types later in his career. the point of the painting 'the cripples' is not what the cripples are suffering from, but the way in which the healthy on-lookers, mostly children, gaze at them with curiosity. lowry said, ôi feel more strongly about these people than i ever did about the industrial scene. they are real people, sad people. i'm attracted to sadness and there are some very sad things. i feel like them.õ it has been suggested that this is lowry himself, who may have suffered from asperger's syndrome. it is thought that he is the man walking the dog in the center of the painting. that he is depicted lost in thought, an emotional cripple, and dealing with his own problems, rather than staring at the physical cripples around him.

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