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how do you write the word today in thai?

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βˆ™ 2008-07-05 19:44:07

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q: how do you write the word today in thai ?
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what is the thai word for happiness?

u can try write learning thai...

how do you write letters in thailand?

thai massage on thai flag . can they write that ?

how do you write thai in thai?

ไทย that's how

thai translation of thai?

not sure what you mean by this, the word 'thai' is already a thai word so there is no need to translate it. 'thai' written in the thai alphabet is ไทย.

how do you write the basic word for peace in farsi gaelic and thai?

in farsi solh صلح

how do you write welcome in thai?

ต้อนรับ - welcome in thai

what is the thai word for miracle?

padihari is the thai word for miracle.

how do you write happy birthday in thai?

happy birthday in thai

how to write thai address in english?

there is not a way to write thai address in english. this is written in a different language.

what is the thai word for moon?

thai word for moon is พระจันทร์ or ดวงจันทร์

how do you write merry christmas and happy new year in thai?

thai people don't have a thai word for merry christmas. when they say merry christmas they just say it in english but with an accent. i don't know how to write it aswell. sorrybut u write happy new year like สวัสดีปีใหม่ สุขสันต์วันคริสต์มาส = merry christmas

how do you write kate in thai?

== ==

how do you write my name rudy in thai?

your name rudy will be written in thai as รูดี้

what is the thai word for hello?

the thai word for hello is สวัสดี (sà-wàt-dee).

what is the thai word for villa?

mansion; residence; villa; home; fine houseคฤหาสน์ - this is how it is written in thaikhvh̄ās̄n̒ - this is how you write it in english texts(kha-reu-haat) - this is the proper pronunciation

how do you write sonny in thai?

ซอนนี่ ==

how do you write kiss in thai?


how do you write shrimp in thai?


how do you write chloe in thai?


how do you say the word andrea in thai?

andrea is a name, not a word. therefore it is pronounced the same in thai.if you asking for it to be written in thai, then here you are.แอนเดรีย

how do you write ten in thai?

สิบ but you can write "10" normally.

what does thai mean?

what does the word "thai" mean in the native language

what is the thai word for drink?

คื่ม is how you say drink in thai.

what is the thai word for grandmother?

what it the english to thai translation for grandmother

what is marry in thai?

the word for marry in thai is 'thaeng ngarn' แต่งงาน.