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q: how do you train a border collie pup for herding ?
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where do you buy a border collie pup in jakarta?

to buy a border collie pup in jakarta, you'll need to find a breeder. the best way to do this is to ask a local veterinarian for a reference. you can also attend dog shows and herding events to locate other people with border collies, who may have pups to sell.

what were border collies used for?

hi border collies are used for sheep or cattle mostly herding just resentlggot a border collie puppie his a brown and white pup very loving his name is shep.

how much is a border collie puppy?

hi if the border collie puppie is pure it could cost from 100 dollars to about 650 dollars i resently brought a border collie pup his a brown and white pup he cost 100 but he needs a bit of training.

should you be an active family before you get a border collie pup?

yes,it is important that you are a active person because border collie are very energetic and if you love to play with your then border collie is best for you and if you are a simple person then forget to own a border collie

can you mix a poodle with a border collie?

yes-- my 10 month pup came from a maryland breeders, and he is a borderdoodle. [mix of a border collie & poodle.]

are adopting female border collie beagle could not find useful info on the internet would it be possible to find out where we could get info concerning the characteristics of border collie beagles?

here's the website i found:

what age does a border collie pup stop growing?

round 18 months

what should you feed a new to three week old border collie pup?

puppies that young only drink milk.

how much should a border collie puppy weigh?

border collies come in all shapes and sizes - they are bred to a herding standard (intelligence) not to a conformancy standard (appearance). they can range in size from 12kg to 25kg with variances even in that. your pup should have bright eyes, good energy and you should be able to feel his ribs, with a small bulge to the tummy (puppy tummy). always feed your puppy to the lean side of feeding recommendations.

how much money is a soft collie puppy?

i got a soft collie pup a few weeks ago and she only costed £150 so between £100-£250

how much does a border collie pup cost?

it all depends on where you go. pet stores can go up to a thousand or more. generally it seems they range in the $500-$1200 areas. though there are places that or cheaper or someone will have a litter for free.

how do you train a chow chow puppy?

you have to show the the pup that you're boss. reward them with treats when they behave. eventually, your pup will learn the process, behave good and get a treat.

does it ruin a herding breed pup if he gets into a sheep pen unattended and injures a sheep?

this depends on the personality of the pup, if it aggressive or just does not understand what to do. try taking him back out to the sheep on a leash and see how he reacts. if he wants to chase them in a bad way then, try to teach the pup that these sheep are not the predators. remember he is young and may just not understand what to do.

what wild animals can be fed dogfood?

you can get a cougar cub or a wolf pup and train it to eat dog food

are irish setters hard to train?

you have to show who is boss from an early age (i.e. when the are a young pup)they are hard to train if they get in to bad habits from a young age. you have to be firm but fair. so 'hard' to train well they are only hard to train if you let them.

what are good wolf pup names?

sun-pup moon-pup midnight-pup blaze-pup cloud-pup huska-pup beau-pup hi, i hope this helped!

does bought raccoon scent work to train a coon hound pup to hunt?

it helps, but it's no substitute for running.

if your puppy pooped on your bed today should you poop on his?

no, the puppy doesn't know better, but you do ( i think). house train your pup.

how do you potty train a twenty one month old?

to potty train a pup you just have to feed it in the house and then 5 minutes after let it out side and dont let it into the house until it is finished.......

is there a way to train wild wolf?

wolves should not be taken out of their habitat and you can not really train them when they are fully grown. if it is a pup without a home or is hurt you look after it and treat it like a dog and watch over it.

how do you teach a 15 month old lab and border collie mix to fetch?

hi what u should do is get a ball and put a whole in it and put treats in it then let the pup smell the ball then throw it a small distence once it picks up the ball call him back make sure he comes when his called if that doesent work then write wat he wont do and i will follow that up with u.

what are the release dates for paw patrol - 2013 pup pup goose pup pup and away 1-5?

paw patrol - 2013 pup pup goose pup pup and away 1-5 was released on: usa: 12 september 2013

what is the duration of the under-pup?

the duration of the under-pup is 1.47 hours.

how do you give zooey the dogs on mcworld?

you can play pets cool and either ply train a pup or dog a ma jig to get adoption certificates.

is it safe to have a rhodesian ridgeback as a pet if one already has cats as pets?

if you have it when it is a young pup (8 wks plus) and train it to it should be fine.