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what are chromosomes made of

how are mitosis and meiosis similar

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in pea plants what are the two alleles for color

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which part of the cell membrane prevents the cell from dissolving in water

what is it called when a molecule uses energy to move across a semipermeable membrane

why is the phloem in a leaf important to the roots of a plant

what is the name for the protective structure that forms around an embryo

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what is the basic unit of a nucleic acid

which of the following is an organic molecule

what is the main function of starch in plants

which type of protein makes up connective tissue

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q: how do you tell if a bacteria is alive?
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related questions

are cavity bacteria dead or alive?

cavity bacteria is alive

is e.coli alive?

is e.coli alive i think its alive yes. e.coli is a type of bacteria and bacteria are considered forms of life.

are bacteria alive?

yes they are very much alive.yesyes bacteria is living

how is feces alive?

it is made up of undigested food, other bodily waste mucus and bacteria so the bacteria is alive

when was the glyphtodon alive?

if you can tell me what a glyphtodon is, i will tell you when it was alive.

are viruses and bacteria alive?

bacteria is but for viruses some scientists believe they are alive and others think they dont so i can't give you an answer to that

is yogurt alive?

no, bacteria inside it is alive but the yogurt itself is not, so no yogurt is not alive. some people may think that it is, but yogurt is dairy that contains edibal bacteria, but the dairy, witch is the yogurt, is not accually alive.

does bacteria eat snakes?

bacteria will not eat snakes if they are alive. but if they are dead and decaying, that is when bacteria kicks in. bacteria can basically eat anything.

is bacteria alive?

simply..... yes

are protists alive?

no, similar to bacteria they are not

is bacteria consider to be alive?


are virus a living things?

according to the kingdoms of life, viruses are living organisms. viruses consist of bacteria, and bacteria is alive, therefore viruses are alive.

how is a bubble blown from a bubble wand alive?

the bacteria is actually alive from the start.

what is the main differences between bacteria and viruses?

easy answer: bacteria are alive and viruses probably are not.

what are three difference between viruses and bacteria?

-viruses and alive but bacteria is -viruses spread but dont multiply or change in your body, bacteria are alive and are often evolving -viruses cannot be treated, but bacteria can be eliminated with chemincals and anitbiotics

how can you tell if a robin egg is dead or alive?

you can tell if it is alive if it is blue and if not it is dead.

how can animal bacteria be both helpful and harmful?

the acid in your stomach is a bacteria, digesting your food and keeping you alive. but other bacteria come from outside your body, entering from the nose or mouth, making you sick. but only bacteria can be cured, not viruses. so there are good bacteria that keep you alive, and others that try to kill you.

what bacteria do humans carry?

its way to much to tell there is countless amouts of bacteria and it would be imposable to tell you.

why is bacteria alive?

they have all the characteristics of life.

are archea alive?

yes, they are a type of bacteria

why are viruses different from bacteria?

viruses are not alive.

is yogurt living?

the bacteria that makes it yogurt is supposed to be alive.

is ecoli alive?

escherichia coli (e. coli) bacteria normally live in the intestines of healthy people and animals. so i guess bacteria is alive,

how can you tell if peas are alive?

peas are not alive.

what conditions are necessary for bacteria and yeast to grow?

some bacteria requires air and food to suvive while some bacteria gets alive on entering a living body. ex.-a bacteria is dead when it is in non living environwent but when it eenters a living body it becomes alive.