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report it to the main people of police industry

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q: how do you stop police brutility?
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does a police officer get to do a no stop at a stop sign in a police vehicle not in a chase?

the police should obey the law just like everyone else.

how can you stop violence?

by stop being scared and tell the police

will a single possession charge stop you from joining the police force?

any possession conviction will stop you from joining the police force. unless the police force in outside the u.s., police forces prefer cops who aren't criminals.

can a uk police officer stop you from filming?

uk police have the power to stop you filming on private property if you do not have the landowner's permission and they can stop you filming in public if they believe that you are committing a crime.

how do you stop sweden?

with a red-light, and a police officer with a stop sign.

how do you stop police dogs?

you dont

why were the police invented?

to stop cryme

when to stop at intersections?

when controlled by a stop sign or signal and at the direction of a police officer.

what is the plural of stop?

the plural of stop is stops. as in "he stops for the police".

could police stop a person during a traffic stop could that person be put in a police car and the police get in the car the person driving and take off the person goes to jail without arrest warrant?


what is considered a reasonable distance or amount of time to be charged with failure to stop for police how far do you have to travel when police signal to stop before it is failure to stop for poli?

you might get away with driving to a "safe place to stop", but it may also depend on whether the police car was marked, more than one, etc.

can a misdemeanor stop you from being a police officer?


can a police officer stop you from reporting a crime?


why did the police stop lefty lewis car?

i'm not sure

how do you stop hackers from hacking?

call the police if they effect you in an illegal way, that might stop them.

what is a police tazer?

a police tazer is somthing that police officers around the world are using to help stop people who can heart them selfs or others

can the police stop someone whose car is going to be repossessed?

the police can only get involved in a self help repo if there is a breach of peace. if you mean "can the police stop a debtor just so their car can be repoed"? no not sure exactly what you are asking.

what training would you receive in the traffic police?

in the traffic police, you would learn how to conduct a traffic stop.

why did the police stop looking for alexis patterson?

the official answer is no

how do you stop blackmail?

call the police it is against the law.

what do police shout at criminals?

stop in the name of law

what is 10-52 police code?

traffic stop

how do you get a person from school to stop following you?

call the police

how do you stop under age drinkers?

call the police.

how do you get a person to stop following you?

if they don't listen to you asking them to stop you can get a restraining order by talking to the police.

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