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you could send them an email or connect with them.

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q: how do you share broadband connection with friend with one activated?
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does mobile broadband effect your home broadband?

it depends on whether both mobile and home broadband are on the same connection or line. if they don't share in the bandwidth of the connection, one shouldn't affect the other.

what providers can i get an evdo cell phone from?

the answer is mobile broadband! mobile broadband provides completely wireless internet access. you take the internet with you and surf the web in your car, on the train, in the airport, at a convention, on the road in your rv... you can even share the connection with multiple computers using a mobile broadband router, just like you could with your broadband connection at home!

if you have three home network computers you want to share one broadband cable connection where would you install the router?

between the cable modem and the workstations

suppose you establish a home network and you want all three of your computers to share one broadband cable connection to the internet?

beween the cable modem and the workstations

when using vzaccess national broadband you try to share the internet connection but whenever you click on the advanced option when trying to do that it gives the qa5 error how do you fix this?

you need to be the administrator of the computer.

where can you get animal crossing friend codes and share your own with active people?

i believe you get a friend code from copper at the to im and select "friend code".but you must have nintendo wi-fi connection.

how do you share a dial-up connection with a wireless connection?

some older wifi base stations have a built-in modem and software that allows them to make a dial-up connection when needed to share wirelessly.

you are using broadband with adsl router connected to pc and phone line how do you use dial-up on the same pc with adsl router you cant dial the dial-up provider's number please provide clear guidance?

ial up independent of the broadband by installing a modem on the pc and connecting a phone line to it, but it wont share the connection. if you want to share dial up over your network with a dsl router, you need an external dial up modem and a second access point, like a non-broadband router, look here.

is there a cable that can connect two laptops so they can share a wireless broadband card?

yes, a standard ethernet cable can connect the two computers. you'll then need to set up software such as windows' "internet connection sharing" application in order for it to work properly.

what does coin share mean in runescape?

lootshare is when if you are in the clan with lootshare activated, whenever someone kills something, the rest of the clan also get a share of the loot.

does australia share any connection with afghanistan?


can you share your internet connection with a wireless router if you have a broadband internet card in your computer?

sure plug a crossover cable into the ethernet port on your computer, other end goes into the wan port on your wireless router go to your network settings on the computer, right click on your local area network click share, then right click and bridge connection, choose your card and your local area connection thank you kris -

what device is needed to share an internet connection on a wireless connection?

the device you are referring to is a router.

can you share a wireless connection temporarily?

yes. if it is a private connection then all you need is the wep or lan code.

how do you get a list of the computers you have previously activated to share itunes you have changed computers and network you are trying to permit others on your network to share your itunes library?

what is library network?

what feature of windows xp allow to share internet?

the feature you are referring to is called internet connection sharing, or ics for short. this allows a computer with a direct connection to the internet to "share" that connection with other computers on a network. there are many ways to accomplish this, and it depends on your network setup. you can share a connection via a wired or wireless network connection (the lan portion, or local area network). for information on ics, see the related links.

broadband wireless routers?

verizon fios & verizon broadband services offer blazing speed & crystal clarity of the 100% fiber optic fios network & proven reliability for their tv, internet & phone products that will exceed your expectations today & keep you connected down the road. here:

what is multiple access why is multiplexing needed in data communication?

multiplexing allows several users to share a single connection. for example, several computers at my home share a single adsl line, to connect to internet.multiplexing allows several users to share a single connection. for example, several computers at my home share a single adsl line, to connect to internet.multiplexing allows several users to share a single connection. for example, several computers at my home share a single adsl line, to connect to internet.multiplexing allows several users to share a single connection. for example, several computers at my home share a single adsl line, to connect to internet.

can people share their friend codes and other information for animal crossing on ds?

try looking for friend code websites online. there are several sites where people share friend codes.

what feature included with windows 98 or windows xp allows more than one computer to share a connection to the internet?

ics, internet connection sharing allows more than one computer to share the same internet connection. you need two nic's for each computer that will be sharing the connection though.

how do you get your friend code please?

you can share friend codes on by the way.

can someone share friend codes?

yes, you can share friend codes. (if you have one) you go on your pal pad and then go under register friend code, and then you need their name and friend code. but they need to add you too.

what is the fastest connection for the internet that it is possible to have?

the fastest connection possible for the internet is so called high-speed broadband. with the use of fiber optics you can easily reach speeds up to 100 mbps. sometimes many users share such high speed connections however and that lowers the speed. in the future internet connections having speeds like 1 gbps will likely be possible.

how do you make my friend share secretes with me?

share him/her urs then he/she shares you... so easy, isn't it?

what can you do if a girl is trying to steal your best friend?

friends cannot be stolen. this other person may share a common interest with your friend...that you do not share. although your friend may share time with others, it does not mean that he/she is no longer your friend. stay friendly, don't say mean or hurtful things...and do not tell your friend that she must choose between you and the new friend. who knows...maybe you will all become good friends!

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