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how do you map a word ?

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what is the word 'map' in welsh?

the word is the same: "map".

what are the compound noun of the word map?

some compound nouns for the word map are: mapmaker road map satellite map world map

what is the word map in french?

the word map in french is carte.

what word meaning map can you get out of the word christmas?

'chart', as in, a sea map.

what is the latin word for map?

the latin word for map is mappa.

what is an other word for map key?

a legend is another word for a map key.

what is another word for a map maker?

another word for a mapmaker is a cartographer. :)

what is another word for map legend?

a map key

how do you spell map backwards?

the word map backwards is pam.

what is the definition of the word map key?

the map key is the box that tells you what the icons mean in a map

is map a noun?

yes the word map is a noun. it is a common noun.

can you give a sentence with the word physical map?

yes, i can...what is a physical map??

how do you pronounce the french word for map?


what is a sentence using the word map?

let's map out our shopping day. we're not on this map. we're going to need a different map.

how do you use the word historical map in a sentence?

it was an historical map that chartered the area, or it was an hisorical map that showed.........

how do you make a word map of a colt?

you will need to put it into a sentence first. the word map would need to have more than one word to work.

what is the part of speech for the word map title?

the word 'title' is a noun, modified by the noun 'map'. a noun used to describe another noun is called an attributive noun. example: the map title is important because it tells you what you are looking at. the word 'map' is also a verb: map, maps, mapping, mapped. the word 'title' is also a verb: title, titles, titling, titled.

what is mt short for on a map?

mt on a map - is an abbreviation for the word mount or mountain

what is a opposite word to political map?

a physical map shows geographic features.

what is the antonym for the word map?


what is the german word for map?


what are some map words that start with b?

boundaries are reflected on a map. bearing is a map word. the map shows bearing or direction such as true north.

what is a sentence using the word political map?

a political map is a map which shows countries, thair borders and main cities.

what is the difference between a map ledgend and a map key?

kya bakwaas hai... :-) there is no such word.

what halloween word rhymes with lap?

map, like if they were following a map to get a house or something