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here's a good link!

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what can you make out of cardboard?

my house.

how do you make a doll house out of cardboard?

get a big cardboard put doors and decorate it

make tudor house out of cardboard?

first, you get a big cardboard, you get scissors. then, you cut two doors in the box and then, boom! you have a two door house made out of cardboard.

how do you make a cardboard gingerbread house?

with tomatos and imagination.

how do you make a 3d model of the parliament house of australia?

by getting pic of the house and using cardboard rolls and normal cardboard then make it look like the parliament house get a tooth pic flag and pin it on top

can rabbits chew cardboard?

yes but you must make sure they don't eat it! maybe you could make a little cardboard house for your pet? x

what should you make your earthquake prone model house out of?

thin cardboard.

how can you build a house with cardboard?

yes and this is how u do it : first u have to get 2 big cardboard boxes and make sure u can crawl in to it. then make a door. and decorater!!:)

how do you make a house for a school project?

use a cardboard and use some cotton.

how do you build a model house out of cardboard?

the related link should help you make a model

how can you make model of animal house for kids through waste?

there are quite a few ways to make a model of an animal house for kids through waste. one idea is to make a dog house out of cardboard boxes.

how do you make a model house?

find a cardboard box that would best fit the size of your house, or use foam core board in place of the cardboard. if using cardboard, put the box down as your base. then get more cardboard and cut out two symmetrical triangles for the roof. then cut out windows, doors, chimneys, etc. also decorate to make the landscape pretty:) if using foam core board, then cut out two symmetrical pieces for the house and set them parallel each other then glue the sides that are touching together. next get more foam and make the roof the same way you would using cardboard. then decorate the landscape as well to make it pretty! hope this helped!

how do you make a tudor house using cardboard?

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how do you make a cardboard parrot?

by getting cardboard and make it talk like a parrot

how do you make a fake field radio out of cardboard?

how can i make a radio made of cardboard

what can you make with paper and cardboard?

a cardboard box with a flag

how do you build an energy saving house using cardboard?

the key is making sure the cardboard house experiment is well insulated. do this by painting the inside of the house flat black, and making sure the windows you cut into the cardboard are clear and facing the sun.

how do you make a cardboard gun?

i think the question here is why do you want to make a cardboard gun?

why was cardboard invented?

cardboard was in so we can build up our house build upand other stuff

how do you make an earthquake proof house model with straws rubber bands cardboard glue and paperclips?

its simple you cant

how do you make cardboard stronger?

glue sheets of cardboard together

how do you make an eiffel tower out of cardboard?

u use cardboard

how do you make a motte and bailey castle out of cardboard?

it made from cardboard

what is the smallest museum in the world?

your cardboard house

how do you make a simple piano model with cardboard and wood?

how to make a simple model piano out of cardboard