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do you have to pay for windows live messenger?

no. windows live messenger is a free software.

how do you send windows live messenger icons to people without windows live messenger?

you cant send send messenger icons without using windows live messenger..

is windows live messenger free?

yes, windows live messenger is a free program.

hbks email address on windows live messenger?

he doesn't have windows live messenger

how do you unblock windows live messenger from your firewall?

how do you unblock windows live messenger from your firewall?

can you chat on windows live messenger?

yes, click on one of your contacts and start typing than press enter to send.

where can you download windows live messenger for free?

you can download windows live messenger for free at softonic. softonic provides all sorts of free downloads for windows include the windows live messenger.

can windows live messenger give your computer a virus?

you can get a worm through windows live messenger

how do you skin windows live messenger?

if you install windows live messenger plus you can download skins and use them.

is instant messaging the same as windows live messenger?

windows live messenger is a form of instant messaging

is windows live messenger free with meteor?

windows live messenger is free to everyone. it has nothing to do with your mobile network.

how do you get windows live messenger?

type into google: windows live messenger. then fill in all the details. if you want the actual icon, then try and download the program. you can do this by typing in to google: windows live messenger download.

where can one download messenger for windows vista?

one can download windows live messenger for windows vista from cnet or download. one can also download an older version of windows live messenger from oldapps.

can yahoo messenger talk to windows live messenger?

yes, if you have yahoo messenger and someone else has windows live, you can add them on your instant messenger contact list and you will be able to talk to them.

how do you delete contacts on hotmail?

log ingo to messenger then contacts (at the top somewhere near the sign windows live)then once your in click on the picture of the contact and then right click and click the word delete.

where can someone download windows live messenger for mac computers?

windows live messenger is now available for mac computers. one can download this application on cnet and directly on the msn messenger by windows live site.

is there an instant messenger for windows 7?

yes. windows live messenger can work with windows xp, vista, windows 7, and windows mobile.

is windows live messenger compatible with yahoo messenger?


what is the difference between windows live messenger and msn messenger 8.1?

version 8.1 is windows live. version 7 and previous ones were msn messenger.

how do you answer a call to your pc on windows live messenger?

how do i answer a call to my pc. i have windows live.

what is windows messenger called now?

windows live messanger

sites similar to windows live messenger?

yahoo messenger is good

how do you get windows live messenger on your phone?

if you have an iphone go to the app store then search windows live messenger. if you have a droid go to the market then search it

where to download windows live messenger offline installer?

i am using windows live messenger can i download skype without uninstalling windows live messenger?

yes, they will both work but not at the same time.