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acceptance means embracing reality. it is a willingness to experience things as they are, instead of insisting that they be as you want them to be. at the same time, acceptance is not any of the following:

  • acceptance is not agreement—you may not agree with what happened, but you accept it, because it’s useless to struggle against what is.
  • acceptance is not acquiescence that what happened is just—it’s a fact that there is often injustice in the world.
  • acceptance is not weakness—it takes a lot of courage to face reality when it’s not in your favor.
  • acceptance is not giving up—it’s realizing your time and effort are best applied elsewhere.
  • acceptance is not quitting—it’s shifting your focus and attention from what you cannot change or influence, to what you can.
  • acceptance is not resignation—it’s the first step to overcoming any misfortune you experience.
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q: how do you cope well with rejection?
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