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the key is making sure the cardboard house experiment is well insulated. do this by painting the inside of the house flat black, and making sure the windows you cut into the cardboard are clear and facing the sun.

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why was cardboard invented?

cardboard was in so we can build up our house build upand other stuff

what are some instructions to build a model house?

use a cardboard box.

can a cardboard house take in solar energy?

in the form of heat. the inside of the cardboard can get very hot in the summer.

how do you build a model house out of cardboard?

the related link should help you make a model

how do you build a model house out of cardboard for a school project?

just fail the class its not worth it.

how do you build a model house using cardboard for a school project?

in order to build a house using cardboard, you must obtain a certain type of glue that works well with the other substance you are using, then lay down four solid walls to support the roof.

how can you build a house with cardboard?

yes and this is how u do it : first u have to get 2 big cardboard boxes and make sure u can crawl in to it. then make a door. and decorater!!:)

how do you build a cardboard house?

everybody thinks differently and has there own ideas and imagination. try using yours. : )

how do house mice get inside layers of cardboard?

they usually dig intel they reach the bottom and then build thier nests.

how do you build a ship out of cardboard?

there are many excellent sites on the internet with step by step instructions on how to build things out of cardboard. the problem with your question is that you don't state whether you want a full size boat that will float on water, or a cardboard ship play house, or a table size model ship. without that information, the best advice i can give you is to type how to build a cardboard ship into your search box, and choose the site that will be the most help.

give some ways of saving of saving eletrical energy?

get your house insulated, use energy-efficient appliances, open the windows in the morning/evening when its cooler, use a programmable thermostat, etc.

what can you make out of cardboard?

my house.

how do you build a house for a school project?

you only need cardboard, hay/straw, thermocol, glue, paint and visit for more details

make tudor house out of cardboard?

first, you get a big cardboard, you get scissors. then, you cut two doors in the box and then, boom! you have a two door house made out of cardboard.

how do you make a doll house out of cardboard?

get a big cardboard put doors and decorate it

how does insulation save energy?

insulation helps to keep heat inside a house, meaning as less heats escapes there is no need to heat the house up, normally by central heating, therefore saving energy.

what is the smallest museum in the world?

your cardboard house

how do you build a model colonial house for school progect?

well first you would need to make plans and then u can use clay wood cardboard and other materials

how do you make a cardboard house?

here's a good link!

how do you make a cardboard gingerbread house?

with tomatos and imagination.

how do you make a 3d model of the parliament house of australia?

by getting pic of the house and using cardboard rolls and normal cardboard then make it look like the parliament house get a tooth pic flag and pin it on top

how do you build house?

if you retype your question and type in "how do you build a house?" then you will get an answer.

how big is nicki minaj house?

about as big as a cardboard box can be.

can window awnings help save energy and cut down on electricity costs in the summer?

yes they can. the awnings block solar radiation from the sun saving you energy and electricity on cooling your house.

why do most french houses have shutters on their house windows?

shutters are appreciated for the traditional look they give to your house, the feeling of security they provide, the idea of saving energy, and for not letting the light in when you're sleeping.