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q: how did early european colonizers feel about their culture compared to native american culture?
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how does american mode of dressing affect the filipino culture?

the philippine colonizers are americans that's why

many colonizers felt that it was their job even their duty to show colonized people what they thought of as the of european culture?


sentence with culture?

european culture is way different from american culture.

how did european culture impact native american culture?

well; it depends on what your talking about by "native american" if you mean like the native american people (indians): the european explorers forced them out of their lands and homes. if you mean "native american" like the original colonies and stuff-the european culture had great effects on our early early american culture-about the time the 13 colonies were established.

is spain a latin american culture?

no. spain has a european culture.

what are the similarities between the african american culture an native american culture?

the main similarity between african american culture and native american culture is that both of these have had long and painful struggles with the dominant european american culture.

what is north america's culture?

americas culture really depends. the culture would be between spanish, chinese, american, canadian,indian, european its a mix of everything. amazing isn't it?! native american, latin american, african and european.

how do european americans contribute to american culture?

european americans contributed to american culture in that english is the most widely spoken language in the united states. many foods considered essentially american are of german or italian origin.

what is chile's culture?

chile's culture is a mix of european, spanish, and native south american cultures.

how did the european diseases affect the culture of the american indians?


what is uruguay's culture?

88% european and 12% native american

which event is an example of the effects of colonialism on a colonized people?

landowners are forced to give up ownership of their land or be killed.

what was one of the goals of the americanization movenment during the progressive era?

americanization was an effort to assimilate the native american culture to a european-american culture in the usa.

what european country influenced central american culture most?


how did european american culture contribute to your lives?

if there weren't the europeans then there will be no tradinh because of what the native american traded navigation

how did the melding of europe and african cultures influence america?

american culture was greatly influenced by european culture, especially during the european migration to the united states in the early 1900's. it was also influenced by the african slave trade. many of these characteristics were integrated into the american culture, such as music, food, and lifestyle.

is the culture of norway unique or influenced?

some aspects are unique, and some aspects are influenced by other european, and later american culture.

which of the following is an example of the effects of colonialism on a colonized people?

native children are educated in the colonizers' culture and language.

how do european australian and american folk songs vary in style?

because of their culture and history

how are native american and african and european influences seen in the society and culture of the us?


different between asian immigrant and european immigrant?

european immigrants easily assimilated into american culture, while asians did not, due to their differences in culture and appearance with the american people. european immigrants also came to work and live here, while asians came to work and earn money for their families back home, they were known as the "birds of passage".

what was negro nationalism?

negro nationalism promotes racial definition. it emphasizes the differences of the culture compared to other cultures, and independence from european society.

how do you explain imperialism from the perspective of the colonizers?

teaching culture,education, humanity,religeon,livelihood to the natives.

are there any books talking about the personal relationship under the north american and european culture?


why do mexicans like british culture so much?

since when do mexicans like british culture? lol well, i guess it is because when compared to american culture, mexicans think english culture would be "better".