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history of russia

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when the soviet union ceased to exist yeltsin and the presidents of belarus and ukraine announced the formation of

israel withdrew from gaza and jericho in

nato powers led a military peacekeeping force in

which countries that had been united as one nation for 75 years agreed in early 1993 to divide themselves into separate republics

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history of russia

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when is a census conducted

warren g. harding promised what for americans in 1920

who was mikhail gorbachev

how did boris yeltsin respond to the communist coup attempt

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world war 1

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what were germany's military interests in world war 1

what factors contributed to so many people being killed in world war 2

what was the war in europe before world war 2 that affected the alliances in europe

what was the effect of russia leaving world war 1

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q: how did a boyar a serf and catherine the great view peter the great?
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a poor decision catherine the great of russia made?

catherine the great of russia was offered the title of "the great" during her lifetime. it is difficult to come up with a poor decision made by catherine since her rule was such a positive one and saw growth, development, expansion and general improvement for russia, if not for russians. you might argue that her supression of the serf revolt might have been a bad decision, but keeping the serfs in their place was something every russian ruler did up until the october revolution of 1917. the overthrow of her weak husband, peter iii, might be argued as bad, or the interfering in foreign politics in poland and lithuania, but it all worked out well for russia.

what is a lowly worker consider to be part of a great fourteenth-centruy esate?


how did catherine ii become known as the great?

catherine the great had an interesting life. she was born a minor german princess when elizabeth of russia decided she needed people to inherit her throne. elizabeth had no children and her father peter the great had left a legacy for the russian people. when elizabeth searched for her future king and queen she looked to germany and brought fredrick a minor german prince and catherine together. they were both in their teens. catherine set out to become russian in all ways. she learned russian, changed her name to catherine, converted to the russian orthodox religion from luthern, and learned the ways of the court. frederick was the opposite. he refused to learn russian, didn't convert, and played with tin soldiers dressed in uniforms. they married in their late teens, but fredrick was not interested in a wife and years went by before the marriage was consummated. by this time catherine had begun to have lovers and she was pregnant with a lover's baby. before she was far along in her pregnancy she managed to spend one night with fredrick. a boy was born. years went by and catherine had lovers while fredrick brought in german troops and wearing fancy uniform played war games. elizabeth died and fredrick was to become czar, but catherine couldn't let that happen. she gained control of the elite troops had them kidnap fredrick, and lock him up. within days he was dead and catherine took control of the government. the troops declared she was catherine the great. in her years on the throne she doubled the size of russia, built churches, collected art from around the world, built palaces, and tried to reform the serf system. she was also asked by king george to send troops to the american revolution, but declined. she was a very powerful lady and did accomplish a great deal in her life.

what is a serf in the middle ages?

a serf was a peasant. a serf would work on the land that belonged to a nearby lord who protected the serf. a serf was not allowed to leave the land in search of other work.

what is the salary of a serf?

a serf got no wages. the lord and the serf used a bartering system. the lord would give the serf protection and use of land. in return, the serf would provide goods and services.

what rhymes with serf?

nerf and serf

what did a serf call their owner?

your question is not entirely correct in its premise; a serf is not a slave and does not have an owner. a serf is a subject of a land owner whom the serf would address as lord.

why was a serf not a slave?

a serf got payed

what is a antonym of serf?

antonym for serf: master

where do you get serf in pokemon black?

whats serf

what do serf become if they work hard?

in a feudal system, a serf would remain a serf no matter how hard they were to work.

when did saint serf die?

saint serf died in 583.

when was saint serf born?

saint serf was born in 500.

what is the opposite of lord?

peasant or serf, or lady

did serf's masters like them?

i doubt that they thought about the serf one way or the other. the serf was to do the work and didn't require much thought from his master.

what might a medieval serf's child own?

riddle answer: a serf board.

what is the difference between a medieval villein and serf?

a villein is a type of serf.

why were serfs freed after the medieval plague?

no. born a serf, stay a serf

responsibility of the king to serfs?

the king had no responsibility to a serf. the serf was a slave.

what is the latin word for like a slave?

serf. serf is latin for slave.

feudal serf attached to the soil?

feudal serf attached to the soil is an adscript.

was a serf poor?

it is probably safe to say that anyone who was a serf was also poor.

greek serfs or slaves?

a serf is a slave. the word "serf" is latin for slave.

how do you use the word serf in a sentence?

the serf had worked for the landowner his whole life.

can you write a sentence using the word serf?

the noble executed the serf.