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q: how did king john rule?
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when was king john of england sent to rule over ireland?

king john was sent in 1186 to rule over ireland

who helped henry ii rule after king john?

king gerrad

what country did king john rule?

king john was king of england from 6th april 1199 until his death in october 1216.

what country did king john 1 rule?


when did king john rule between?


what time did king john rule the throne?


in which country did king john rule as absolute ruler?


how long did king john rule for?

king john of england got on the throne in 1199 when his brother (richard i) died, and king john died in 1216 so he had been on the throne for 17 years

who made the rule magna carta?

king john in the 13th century

when did king john rule in middle ages?

because he was very old

what country did king john rule as an absolute ruler?

king john ruled over england from 1199 to 1216. he ascended to the throne upon the death of his brother, richard the lionheart. the signing of the magna carta in 1215 was the result of a rebellion against his rule.

why was king john dubbed bad king john?

he was cruel to the people in his kingdom and disloyal to his own nobles.

who king john?

who is king john

did king john rule england in the early 1200's?

yes he did

what rule did king john break from the magna carta?

well rule number 51 states that 'all foreign soldiers must leave the country' but king john used foreign soldiers allot. not sure if this was before of after. sorry :)

what did john cabot find on his journey?

john cabot explored under the rule of king henry vii. he is the first european to arrive in the area now known as new foundland.

what is the magna carta's point of view on individual rights?

the people wanted peace and justice of harsh rule of king john

when was king charles 1st personal rule?

king charles "personal rule" was in 1629-1640.

do you have to be born king in order to be king?

no you do not have to be born a king to rule

would you rather have lived under king david's rule of king solomon's rule?

i would prefer to be in the reign of king david.

what is total rule by a king?

total rule by a king would be an absolute monarchy. in an absolute monarchy, the king or queen has all political power.

was king john clever?

was king john clever

what did king john do to his people?

what did king john do to its people

what is the birth name of john michael king?

john michael king's birth name is john michael king.

instead of being a government based on the rule of the king it was based upon the rule of the?

instead of being a government based on the rule of the king it was based upon the rule of the majoritymajority

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