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how did hera and odysseus meet ?

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who are hera and aphrodite in the adventures of odysseus?

hera and aphrodite were greek/roman goddesses.

who are hermes's friends?

odysseus, hera, perseus

who were hermes allies?

hera, perseus, and odysseus

how did hera meet zeus?

not sure

who would hera like to meet?

he would like to meet ares

who was argos?

argos was a city in ancient greece with hera as its patron. argos was also odysseus' faithful and loyal dog

how does odysseus and midas meet?

i'm not aware that odysseus and midas ever met.

where does odysseus meet calypso?

odysseus met calypso on her lush island of ogygia.

where does athena meet odysseus for the first time?

she first meet him in prison.

who else does odysseus meet in hades?

odysseus meets elepenor, a comrade of his, and antikleia, his mother.

did odysseus meet his mother in the underworld?

yes. odysseus is surprised to see her, as she was alive when he left.

where did telemachus and odysseus meet?

in a swineherd's hut

who did odysseus meet first in the underworld?


where did odysseus meet circe?

on the island of aeaea

where does odysseus meet the cyclops?

in the cyclops cave

what drives odysseus to meet his goals?


who does odysseus meet in the land of dead?

his mom.

where does odysseus meet the blind prophet?

odysseus meets the blind theban prophet tiresius in hades.

how did odysseus meet the cyclops polyphemus?

odysseus waited for the cyclops polyphemus inside the cave with some of his crewmen.

how did odysseus meet poseidon?

on the island of xeris. elmoyan.

why does odysseus meet the shades he does?

along time ago

how did odysseus and telemachus meet?

telemachus is odysseus's son.

who does odysseus meet with in hades?

this old scholar... with a dog

who does odysseus meet at the waterfall?

mr.bean and his teddy bear

how does polyphemus meet odysseus and his men?

odysseus and his men wait in the cyclops cave, as odysseus is curious as to who the cyclops is. as polyphemus brings in his sheep, he spots the men in the cave.